Hello everyone! I’m from Washington State. I spent my whole life in the Church but was only born again about a year ago. I’m building my relationship with Christ and looking for answers to hard questions (some that are my own and some that I hear from non-Christian friends and family). I hope to strengthen my relationship with God while helping others strengthen theirs.


Hello Desiree, and a belated congratulations as a new woman in Christ. I was 36 when Jesus found me, and I fell in love with Him. Our life in Him has many questions. Connect is a great place to find answers. Look forward to yours.


Welcome to Connect @deslanact
My wife is from Vancouver. It is a beautiful city and a beautiful state. Please feel free to post your questions to some of the forums.

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Thank you for the warm welcome Brian!

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Thank you! I appreciate your support :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard @deslanact. It is good to have you joining us. Hope you enjoy the communication and the engagement with others here. I pray that it will edify your journey and build you up. If you have questions please do not hesitate to post them. This is what connect is all about. God-bless you and your journey.

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@deslanact Nice to meet you!

interesting… spent your whole life in church. What was your impression of Jesus and the gospel prior to believing the gospel and being born again? Also - Were you consciously resisting Jesus and the gospel or was it that you never really understood?
Thanks for sharing.

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Hi @deslanact, welcome to connect! I am grateful to hear you have entered into a relationship with Jesus :pray: I trust you will find connect a helpful place to find answers to some of those questions. There is much to glean from here so enjoy browsing and feel free to engage :slightly_smiling_face:

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