Devo 1 discussion - Come hither

(Dave Kenny) #1

Continuing the discussion from Devotional:

I have come to love Kierkegaards use of irony. I have never paused before to consider these two simple words come hither… I suppose that it is because the words themselves are not that remarkable, but they become remarkable when we consider who it was that said them!

(SeanO) #2

@Dave_Kenny I think it is very profound to remember that Christ, whom the Father has given all authority and power, says “Come, all who are thirsty, without money - come and buy”.

Of all of the truths of Christianity I do think this is one of the most profound. We broke the covenant. We chose death. We seek our own glory instead of God’s glory.

And yet He says “Come thither” — there is no love like that in this world - not in any other religion or philosophy or person. Only in Christ!

(Dave Kenny) #3

Amen to that

I find staring at the divine reversals pointed out by Kierkegaard (it would be normal that one with answers needs to be sought out… not so with God… it would be normal that men and women would flock to one that has the answers… not so with God… in fact he pleads that we would come hither etc…) just re-enforces for me how ‘other’ God really is in comparison to us… that makes His offer all the more overwhelming!