Devo 2 discussion - Come hither ALL

(Dave Kenny) #1

Continuing the discussion from Devotional:

When I first read this passage, the word ‘loving-kindness’ leapt out at me. This is likely because I have done a word study in the past on the hebrew word hesed. Often, especially in the psalms, we will see the hebrew word hesed translated as ‘loving-kindness’.

An interesting point here is that in John 1:14 we see the word couplet, ‘grace and truth’. Why this is interesting is because the greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, almost always translates hesed in this way.

One of the most critical Old Testament usages of this word hesed comes when YHWH self-discloses himself to Israel. This passage is found in Exodus 34 : 6, 7. In this case, it is often translated as ‘unfailing love and faithfulness’

God is overflowing in hesed. Christ overflows with hesed

There is an excellent video here for those who wish to study this word further. My favourite line comes from the song-writer when he summarizes the definition of hesed as follows:

When the person from whom you have a right to expect nothing… gives you everything!

God bless

(Helen Tan) #2

Hi @Dave_Kenny, thank you for this series of devotionals which are encouraging me to think more deeply about the magnanimity of God.

I was drawn particularly to this statement in the devotional:
But He, the only one who can truly help, the only one who can truly help all, and so the only one who truly can invite all, He stipulates no condition at all.”

God’s open invitation is to all. As you mentioned before, Jesus said to come to Him and He will give us rest. He wants to give us His peace (John 14:27) and abundant life (John 10:10). In Hebrews 10:19-23, the call is for us to come boldly by the Blood of Jesus to a new and living way. In Hebrews 4:16, the call is for us to come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

God is looking into the horizon for His prodigal children to come home. The invitation is there for all.

(Helen Tan) #3

@Dave_Kenny, thank you for pointing to the couplet ‘grace and truth’ found in John 1:17:

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”

It spoke to me that the law was delivered as from a distance but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. Is it right to say that grace is the truth that Jesus said would set us free? The law brought condemnation so we may see our sinfulness and need for mercy but grace and truth bring true salvation. True righteousness involves much more than the law. In Christ, even though we continue to battle with sin, we know that there is now no condemnation in Christ (Romans 8). That knowledge is what gives us the strength and impetus to continue to battle by the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s the beauty of hesed which saves us and sets us truly free. I’m listening to the video which brings out the richness of hesed which I am continuing to learn. Thank you for sharing that.

(Dave Kenny) #4

Beautiful reflections @Helen_Tan. I suspect that the ‘grace and truth’ couplet will start popping out at you every time you see it now!

Is Grace the Truth? I believe that it is… but I also believe the force of the expression in John 1 (especially when we consider it against Exodus 34) is that The Word… The Logos… is FULL OF Grace and Truth… that is rather, the Word IS Grace and Truth in His very person… as is YHWH… It feels to me like an intentionally placed couplet designed to signify The Logos relation to YHWH… namely… identical

I am glad the you are benefitting from the devotional. I enjoy your reflections.