Devo 3 discussion - Come hither TO me!

(Dave Kenny) #1

Continuing the discussion from Devotional:

My first reflection from this passage was that I was struck by the reality that compassion is not explicitly the domain of God, or even the Christian. Human compassion is something that believers of other faiths are also capable of along with skeptics… in fact… some humanist philanthropists are remarkably compassionate, to the tune of millions of $$$…

But there is something different about the compassion of Christ…

Another line that pierced me a bit was the expression “…if the compassion is more heartfelt, one also visits them that labour and are heavy laden…”. Ouch! When I consider who I have visited lately, I confess that it is not those who labour or are heavy laden… And even if I did, it would likely be someone close to me (a parent, a friend etc…)… what about a stranger?

But… I suppose the real magic of this passage is the emphasis on Christ’s humiliation… I wonder if that has struck anyone else…


(SeanO) #2

This is one topic where I really like what Ravi says - it is not how much we look like God in image, but how close we come in approach.