Dianne Hindman

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I’m from Sacramento Ca

What led you to join I’ve been listening to Ravi night and day for a month or so and am disabled, have had strokes and facing a life threatening surgery in a few days. I met Christ at an alter at age 17 but turned my back on His holy Word and led a sinful life for years but never doubted for a minute what He had done for me at seventeen. Now I am trying very hard to draw close to Him and realize I don’t know how to really love Him with my whole heart, mind body and soul but I want to do badly.

How do you hope to contribute?
I don’t know

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@Dianne_Hindman Welcome to Connect! I am so glad you are seeking to know Jesus more - that is so exciting :slight_smile: Praying that the Lord would fill you with His Spirit and teach you to understand the power of His grace in your life. Lord, have mercy in the matter of the surgery - giver the doctors wisdom and bring healing and hope!

Connect is a friendly place to get to know more about Jesus - so please do ask any questions on your heart / mind. Lots of great people here…

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Welcome @Dianne_Hindman !

Thanks for sharing some of your journey. It sure sounds like God has been pursuing you all these years. What a testimony you have as you learn to lean into Him, and receive how much love He has for you. I’ll pray for your upcoming surgery :heart:

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Hello @Dianne_Hindman, welcome to Connect and thank you for your honesty. I am sorry to hear you are facing this surgery. I agree in prayer with @SeanO and @HeidiMitchell concerning your surgery :heart: