Did Adam and Eve's kids commit incest?

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My first question is a bit of an odd one…
But still, kinda bugs me to think about: There must have been insest at the onset of population after Adam and Eve.
That must have caused some strange relational distress…as well as… deformities in children. Over time, as people we’re more spaced out in a gentic sense…there became more and more options for a spouse.
Just have a hard time thinking that was the plan for our first people. Especially since Adam and Eve were the created example for God’s design. There was also polygamy- but I see (although with difficulty) how that was allowed by God for a number of reasons. I also realize sin had entered the world, and things would not all operate under the umbrella of the way they “should”. Thanks for any clarification on this topic!


*woops- incest (sp)

@HeidiMitchell The most common explanation for this question is that Adam and Eve lacked the genetic imperfections that now exist, so their children could intermarry without experiencing defects. But later in history incest was forbidden. I’ve included a few other threads you may find helpful. Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:

Below is an article explaining why marriage within a family may have been allowed in early civilization from equip.org .

“Furthermore, because genetic imperfections accumulated gradually over time, there was no prohibition against incest in the earliest stages of human civilization. The Levitical law against incestuous relationships was given by God hundreds of years after Cain at the time of Moses. Thus familial relationships were preserved and birth defects were prevented (Leviticus 18:6, 9).”


Sometimes we may forget, whether you believe in a big bang or understand the reality of being created; we all come from the same gene pool. In a true sense the decendants of Adam and Eve did nothing different then you and I do today.

As SeanO has already stated the prohibition for marrying within an immediate family was established to protect us. Like many things we choose to do, it becomes sin and establishes health issues when we ignore cautionary law from GOD.

We must remember to feel as much “oogieness” when we mistreat one another as we do when we see the results of sin in our living. Even though we happily disregard this truth. We marry, love and procreate with people who are already family.

Thanks for your thoughtful response SeanO!

So great to hear yours, and others perspective on this. Very helpful!


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@HeidiMitchell So glad it was helpful! It is definitely a challenging question. Christ be with you :slight_smile: