Did Christian values emanate out of the collective human values?

I need to do more reading on this topic, so I want to ask for materials addressing the following argument from a skeptic that it is actually the Christian who is stealing from the “collective human values” starting with:

"…the muslims accomplished quite a feat during the dark ages of europe and carried the scientific torch and preservation of ancient (pre-christian) knowledge.

"the persians had cyrus the great, and were very tolerant of other cultures. to the jewish people, cyrus was the messiah. zoroastrianism of the magi (the wise ones), came from the persians too.

"the chinese flowered during the tang dynasty…but even before that they had admirable philosophies out of confucius, mencius, lao tzu etc.

"from native cultures , which are ancient, come wisdom that is tied to the environment. that’s why indigenous people should be the caretakers of our planet.

“armando is mistaken, it’s actually christian values that emanate out of collective human values. christians are rather arrogant and often think of themselves as the be all and end all of humanity…but they are sadly mistaken.”

(Quotation was edited for clarity.)

Thanks for your replies!

Your friend has not studied ancient history but probably has read anti Jewish Christian litterature that uses China, Babylon, Persia as the ancient sources of Judeo-Christian values and wisdom. Also, the things he states are too vague. It is more conclusive to take any given value or belief and look at the sources and similiarities with Scripture but also the significan differences.
For example: The idea of freeing slaves, and redistributing wealth (that we associate modernly with Socialsim and communism) is very present in the Mosaic law and commented on radically by both Jesus and Paul. And it is not present in other societies ancient or mideval.
The story is much more complex than this, of course, and the fundamental question behind all ‘values’ is the ultimate source.
One line of research for you is that God has always spoken to humanity, through every culture, but has revealed Himself fully through Israel and Jesus-Christ.
I encourage you to read C.S. Lewis ‘Miracles" and "The Problem of Pain’ both of which are good beginning approches to this issue.
But you need to find studies in comparative religion too. Even Ravi’s book on Buddhism and Christianity for example.

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