Did God create evil when he created satan?

(Christian Rodriguez) #1

The dreaded question that seems to stump a ton of us. It’s very interesting because I can’t seem to wrap my head around this one. So yes, satan rebelled against God. That was his free will decision, but God is all knowing, and he created the being that ended up becoming satan. God must have known that this being was going to rebel because he created him. God also created a universe in which this was possible. Therefore when this universe was created, the possibility of evil was also created, and if evil is possible within a universe, then it of course exists… and satan exploited it. So couldn’t you say that God created evil? If so, why did he do this?

May I also propose a response?

God created free will because if we all were just pre-wired to only love him, we wouldn’t have been able to choose that by ourselves, it would be as if we are just autonomous robots wired to love him, and real love is something that has to be chosen by the lover. Real love isn’t something that can’t be chosen. What is more authentic? Your child loving you because he is only pre-wired to do that? Or your child loving you because he chose to by his own free will? With that being said, God wants us to truly love him with real love, and that requires free will. The moment free will is introduced, the bad side, or evil, has to exist. So is that why God created evil?
This is the internal monologue in my head as of late and I am currently struggling to answer this.

Lets have a discussion, I want to hear your answers and thoughts.

(Anthony Costello ) #2


I think, in short, that you have essentially answered your question. If God creates a world in which there is a possibility of evil, as opposed to one where there is no possibility, then all we can say that God has done is create a world in which it was possible for the satan to rebel. But, to create a world in which evil is possible is not identical to creating evil itself. It is simply that: creating a world in which free, moral agents (angels, human beings) have the real moral capacity to break fellowship with their creator. I don’t think that makes God the creator of evil itself, just the creator of the potential for evil. It could have been, on my view at least, that the Satan, or Adam and Eve, could have chosen otherwise.

So, I think you are on the right track in your thinking.

For a more analytical approach to your question, you might try and take a look at Alvin Plantinga’s scholarly work on this topic. This paper argues that if God did not allow the Fall to occur, it is not possible for human beings to have come into a truly free, love relationship with Him.

in Christ,

(C Rhodes) #3

Another consideration is the timeline concerning Satan’s fall seems to predate the creation of life on planet earth. Ezekiel 28:12-19. Another consideration, the scriptures that speak of the doom of satan show that satan is so insignificant to GOD that archangels are the ones who engage him in battle and win. For me that is indication that what we consider evil is not a problem for GOD. That in fact evil is not a problem for us until with our will we choose it. What we seem to conclude is we should be able to freely choose our own way but if GOD is loving he should preempt the effect of such choices.

That kind of reasoning always landed a preschooler in time out at my childcare home. I taught them to own their choices and the ramifications. I also taught them to own the solution. It was their job to make remedy for their bad choices. There was a price to be paid either way. Find out what would make the offended party okay, and love on them until they were whole again. GOD the offended, JESUS the remedy.

Honor and Glory to the bestest ever childcare director and solution, JESUS. At the bestest ever childcare home, planet earth!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

@Christian_Rodriguez God did not create evil when he created Satan. To say that God created evil is to say that God is the author of evil. This puts His goodness into question. But God is perfect standard of goodness. Everything He created is good. Even Satan himself was good. Before the fall, Adam and Eve was good as well. What is evil then? Evil is not a thing in itself. Evil is a privation of good. A good analogy would be Henry Ford creating a car. Henry Ford created something which is good, which is the car. Evil there is the rust in the car. There wouldn’t be rust if there is no car. Henry Ford did not create the rust, but only the car. In the same way, God created everything that is good, He did not create evil. Evil is dependent on the good for its existence, because it’s the corruption of good. There wouldn’t be a corruption without the creation of the original, which is good.