Did God Define Love?

Note: While I won’t be able to reply to everyone who comments/asks a return question in this conversation, I really do appreciate all the feedback. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys.
I’ve heard the argument that sin is existent in the world because it was necessary for God to allow for the possibility of sin in order to make a free-willed being that was capable of love. My question is, did God have to conform to an external standard of what love is? Or did he have power over what actually is LOVE? (The implications of either answer are interesting. The former speaks to the transdendece of God; the latter attempts to dissemble the free will argument).


@IanW Good question :slight_smile: May I suggest a third option? What if God neither arbitrarily defined love or conformed to an external standard of love? What if God actually, as it says in 1 John, is love.

God is Trinity - only a Trinitarian Being could literally be love. The Father, the Son and the Spirit relate to one another. The incredible love that God the Father has for Jesus has poured over into our lives through the cross. Jesus’ love is an expression of the love that exist within the Trinity.

John 15:9 - As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.

What are your thoughts on this third option?

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Hey Sean, thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it.
The third option is, admittedly, something I haven’t pondered very deeply. My immediate thought would be this: God, then, exists within an environment, in a way somewhat comparable to us. He is indeed the Creator of Creation (which makes the comparison to us something of a stretch), but he is not the Creator of “everything.” Some things (the nature of love, at least) did not come about due to his will; we might say that he operates within something like our laws of physics.
Would you agree with that?

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@IanW Thanks for the reply. I am curious, how did you reach the idea that God is not the Creator of everything from the idea that God is love? I think God can be love and still be the Creator of everything.

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I’m thinking , if I read Ians comment correctly, We did not create ourselves so we learn to love within our boundaries, God is the uncreated creator so he also is LOVE within what he is?