Did Jesus Baptize?

In the Gospel of John, Chapter 4:2 it’s clear that He Jesus did not, in Chapter 3 beginning at verse 23 it contradicts? Please share your thoughts?

Always in His love 1st,

Mark Lopez


Great observation, Mark @wheels1963 . I think you have to look at all the verses about John’s baptism vs Jesus’ to put this all together. Paul explained in Acts 19:1-5 that there was a difference between John’s baptism and Jesus’. Paul confirmed what John the Baptist said when Jesus came to be baptised “to fulfill all righteousness” (Matt 3:15). At that time, John proclaimed that his baptism was one of signifying a repentant heart that was looking for the One who was coming who was greater than he, who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire. (Matt.3:11)
So, we see that Jesus’ “baptism” was to be of a totally different nature. While He was alive, that purpose was not fulfilled. It would be when the Holy Spirit was sent on the Day of Pentecost (John 14:15-21) (Acts 2).
The confusion in John 3 and 4 comes in the wording and sequencing of the story. Jesus was in the Judean countryside with his disciples “baptizing” (John 3:22). We are told in John 4:1-2 that it was not really Jesus who was baptizing, but his disciples. So, you can back up that verse to John 3:22. Although we aren’t told that Jesus’ disciples (later apostles), had been baptized, we can infer that they had been or Jesus would not have allowed them to baptize new believers, as we see in John 4:2.
But, then, there is further confusion. John the Baptist was evidently not far from where Jesus was in the Judean countryside when certain Jews came to John the Baptist claiming that Jesus was baptizing more than John was, and gaining more disciples.(John 3:25-26). Again, we can read into that statement that it was Jesus’ disciples who were doing the baptizing, based on John 4:2.
When the Pharisees and Sadducees first came to John the Baptist in Matt. 3:7-10, John rebuked them for their hidden agenda for being there. When John announced that there was Another coming who was more powerful than he, that put fear into them because they were now seeing what John said was coming true (John 3: 25; John 4:1). They were seeing the people turn from them (and John the Baptist) to Jesus and his disciples. This was cause for great concern to them based on John the Baptist’s warning in Matthew 3.
When Jesus heard that the Pharisees heard that his ministry was gaining popularity in the Judean countryside, He left and headed for Samaria, where He knew the Pharisees would not venture.
I hope this answers your really good question.