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Did Jesus in the flesh exist prior to His Virgin birth?

I have been wondering whether Jesus as flesh existed prior to the virgin birth. I know many who refer to Jesus Preincarnate in various Old Testament accounts. And I also understand “In the beginning was the Word… And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…” John 1:1, 14. So, because God visited man in the Old Testament and took on the appearance of flesh (such as when God was showing Abraham Sodom and Gomorrah), later on was He the same physical body when He came to be born of a Virgin?

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Hi, @ChristinaLinzey!
OT christophany differs from NT incarnation in that what they had experienced in the OT is the Son’s (second person of the God-head) manifestation or appearances. Spirit beings can make themselves visible to man. But when Christ entered the physical world, He did so in willful subjection to its natural laws, excepting only in His conception. Here we have an incarnation, not just a manifestation.


Thank you for your answer, @DCGotiza! A follow up question on that topic would be is it possible for spirits to partake of food? The One whomself was manifested to Abraham partook of food. In the NT, from what I have understood, was that Jesus ate bread to prove he was not just spiritually but physically risen and present with the disciples. Please clarify😊

As with visibility, spirits could make themselves subject to other physical laws if they would chose to but it doesn’t equally mean they are in anyway bound by it. So, imbibing food would be no problem. But, since Jesus has eaten physical food in His resurrected body would it necessarily require Him to use the toilet after digestion? I don’t think so.