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Did Jesus' Miracles Actually Happen?

In today’s Take Five, RZIM’s Matthew Mittelberg examines a surprising source that validates these miracles: the enemies of Jesus. When we look through the stories of Jesus’ miracles, it is important to ask ourselves three questions: Did his enemies deny them? Did they deny the emptiness of his tomb? Did they see him alive after death?

When we look at the miracles of Jesus, there are some compelling reasons to believe they actually happened.

This is incredible! Not only were Jesus’s followers convinced that He was doing supernatural feats, but even the enemies of Jesus couldn’t deny it.

Because of the miracle of the resurrection, these enemies became followers of Jesus, and their conversion gives us confidence that the Bible is right when it talks about the miracles of Jesus.

Make it Personal

  • Have you had an opportunity to share with someone why you believe in the miracles of Jesus? Tell us about it! (If not, check out @Abdu_Murray’s “CASE” acronym for how he explains why he believes in the resurrection!)
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