Did the Catholic Church change the Old Testament?

Dear Sir,

I’m a Christian and I have one question that bothers me.Is it true that christian old testament and Hebrew Tanak (Jews old testament) are quite different. I learn from a jewish guy that ancient catholic church misinterpreted most of the scriptures to make it more Christology.How far it is true?

I’ll be so thankful if you could reply to my query to clarify my doubt.

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Dan Kamei,



Can you ask your friend what evidence he has that this happened? Also, what does he mean by “misinterpreted?”


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Hi Anthony,

He told me several important verses from Old Testament has been misinterpreted to suit the New Testament claims.He sent me some of them the link. But I don’t feel like seeing those verses…however, I feel that Israel ,today, people still misunderstand the word of God. I hope we Christian are not wrong.

Thank you.

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Here’s a site you can go to that gas a wealth of information and it a ministry directed towards Jews. Since we don’t know what specifically is being discussed between the 2 of you maybe the site can help.