Did unicorns exist in the Bible?

I want to ask for your opinion about a topic that my youth leader and I had a while back. He mentioned that he believed in unicorns because the Bible said so. He showed me nine verses all in the OT that mention unicorns. When reading the footnotes, the bible scholars didn’t seem to have an idea except that maybe it meant ‘wild bull,’ which my youth leader rejected right away because unicorns supposedly have one horn while bulls have two. What are your thoughts on this?

Keep in mind we used the KJV as our Bible translation.

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Hi @O_wretched_man!

As you hinted at, the issue here is that you’re relying on the KJV translation. The short answer is that the original Hebrew is an ambiguous term that doesn’t actually mean unicorn. It actually more likely means “buffalo.” It was translated into Greek for the Septuagint as “one horn”, but that really isn’t the best translation.

A friend of mine, Stephen Bedard, has written a short blog on this. You may want to check it out and go through it with your pastor!

Here it is: