Hi Everyone,
I live in Missouri and am thankful for the opportunity to join RZIM Connect. I have been reading and listening to RZIM content for years. Very thankful for this community. I am not online often, but hope to gain wisdom and insight in living out life in Christ. Much of what I learn and ponder from RZIM, I am able to share with a 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Sunday School class. Thank you.


Welcome, Diedra! We have a lot in common. I love using RZIM resources and training for student ministry at my church! I’m involved in middle school ministry.
Have a great day!


Welcome @Diedram, we are so glad to have you here. Wow, that is so inspiring that you share what you learn with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. It encourages me to know people like you are out there teaching our young ones :pray: Thank you for your heart, I look forward to reading more from you :heart:


So awesome to have you with us. Welcome. From the material you have shared with the students what do you think has had the most impact on the elementary students? Participate as often as you are able.

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Thank you, Keldon. Much of the content, that has been so helpful, is from listening to the Ask Away podcast, with Vince and Jo Vitale. The analogies they use to illustrate their beliefs have been wonderful in sharing with my class. Also, just being able to see and hear others discuss their faith struggles or questions helps me to take time to truly think on what I believe before I go into the classroom and share God’s Word. I want to share and reveal God’s Grace and His forgiveness with that young age, so that when they do find that they have strayed from God’s path, they know they are always welcome back and can find healing and forgiveness. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you so much. Love what you are doing. :slight_smile:

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