Dilane Peiris - Greetings from England

Hello! I’m Dilane and I’m from Winchester, UK. After finishing the core modules I felt it would be beneficial to be able to refer to the course materials so as to reinforce concepts. I have signed up to facilitate a table at an upcoming alpha course at my local church and feel that I have a safe space at RZIM Connect to ask any difficult questions I may encounter. I would also be keen to attempt to answer any questions posted on the forum and share any material I find that is relevant to our cause.


Welcome Dilane…we are glad to have you.


Hello @dilane85, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will find this a safe place to ask your questions. There is plenty to glean from here. You can search to see if your questions have already been addressed. If you don’t see it, feel free to start your own topic. Take care and enjoy browsing :pray:t3:


Welcome from Houston ! :-):smiley: Did you enjoy the core modules? I am planning to do that next year. I have been here for only few days, but already learned a lot. There are so much to read and learn from this amazing team. I feel that we are so blessed!
Looking forward to learning from you too :slight_smile:
God bless!!