Discuss: Does Prayer Really Work?

Unpacking the power of the Lord’s Prayer–a prayer that tells us about reality as it actually is–RZIM Senior Vice President Abdu Murray digs deep into the Christian calling to become people of forgiveness with a reminder that prayer tells us not only who God is but it also tells us who we are.

We are in desperate need of daily forgiveness and if you need evidence for that doctrine, turn on the news any time of day.

The common conception of prayer is that it is the avenue through which we ask God for stuff, but the common conception isn’t really the correct conception. And thanks be to God He actually gives us the model for true, biblical, deep, amazing prayer in the Lord’s Prayer itself.

God is going to supply our needs, but he wants to change what we think we need. We don’t need cars, and money, and stuff; what we need is Him.

It is Christianity alone that allows you to call the one who creates the universe.

It is only the Christian faith that allows for God to be father but also God to be majestic. He is father and king at the same time, and you get to call Him both in the same sentence.

You and I are in need; our most fundamental need is not food, it’s to be forgiven. Your and my fundamental need is for forgiveness and mercy.

When we are forgiven and we become a people of forgiveness, there is a transformation in the world, not just in our lives, but in the world. We can effectuate change throughout the world.

Your job in prayer is to get in communion with God because God wants to give you character, not stuff.

Make it Personal

  • What was something poignant from Abdu’s message that you hadn’t considered before from the Lord’s Prayer?

  • Do you struggle with being content in the situations and circumstances that God has given to you?

  • What is something that you could pray for or about that would help to conform you to God’s will rather than using prayer as a divine ATM?