Discuss: Ex Cruciatus

Does that not give us pause in this season now before us? Think of it: humiliation and agony. This was the path Jesus chose with which to reach out for you and for me. You see, this thing we call sin, but which we so tragically minimize, breaks the grandeur for which we were created. It brings indignity to our essence and pain to our existence. It separates us from God.

On the way to the cross two thousand years ago, Jesus took the ultimate indignity and the ultimate pain to bring us back to the dignity of a relationship with God and the healing of our souls. Will we remember that this was done for us and receive his gift?

But Jesus Christ frees us from the foolishness of sin and the weakness of our selves.

Think About It:

  • As Ravi asks, “How could a Messiah who was crucified possibly be of any help?” What help does a crucified Messiah offer you today?

  • In what specific ways have you seen Jesus Christ bring you true freedom?

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