Discuss: Four Ways to Approach Life in a COVID-19 World

Alycia Wood uses a personal story of a hockey game to reflect on learning to live, pray, and keep perspective during a time of instability and fear.

In other words, our mortality is nothing new, we just tend to forget about it when things seem to be going well. COVID-19 has taken away that luxury.

These types of events have the ability to shift our perspective on life, and in a sense, that might be one of the few things we can thank COVID-19 for.

Does it change the middle? No, but it does mean that we don’t have to live in fear in the middle.

For Discussion

  • How has your perspective changed through this pandemic? Has it been easier to get caught up in the the day-to-day worries, or has it been easier to trust in our ending with Christ?

  • What ways have you found to love your neighbor through this crisis?

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It seems as one ages, one becomes more reflective. I toy with retiring so I can enjoy life more and help with the Lord’s work more but have not nailed down what specifically the Lord wants me to do. Fortunately work has maintained steady for me but again I feel compelled to do something more important or be a part of something greater than myself. Whenever I discuss the bible or get on this forum, I feel this renewed energy. I am fortunate to live in a large new subdivision where the neighbors really help each other even to the point of rescuing a misplaced turtle on the road to running over some spice for a recipe at the last minute. Truly blessed where I live. I can imagine for younger people, it has caused them to prepare for their future more. I have heard of people focusing on savings and kids education. Yesterday, I heard a sermon on praying and blessing your children and grandchildren. I am sorry I was not better for my children but yesterday I apologized to my daughter and told her it was never too late to start praying blessing them now and starting also with the grandchildren. Hoping and praying the Lord enlightens me to what he wants me to do for Him.