Discuss: Q&A Panel: Key questions for Christian Apologists in the 21st century — Michael Ramsden and Sharon Dirckx

Key questions for Christian Apologists in the 21st century: Q&A Panel

Saturday 18 May 2019 at 3:30pm UK time

Livestream available here:

Join RZIM Zacharias Trust apologists, including Michael Ramsden and Dr. Sharon Dirckx as they tackle whatever questions of faith and God that our live London audience have for them.

Inviting questions is at the heart of our ministry, we exist to reach those who have questions about the Christian faith so that you can share that faith with confidence and in an intelligent and confident way.

Join the discussion to share your own questions below.


Great question on free will v. pre-destination. Folks interested may enjoy following the Book Studies discussion on Determined to Believe by John Lennox. Sean leads some great conversations!


A few of my favorite quotes from the Q&A session. (Might have missed a few words- please correct me if you see a spot.)

On the topic of accomplishments and whether they define human value.

“If you love God, no matter how much you achieve by worldly perspectives, you will achieve something God is building that will achieve something far greater than you will ever perceive. When I fail and don’t seem to achieve anything in the eyes of the world, I can still know God loves me, and I am completely justified in His eyes.”

On the topic of suffering.

In our suffering, we can not only ask, ‘Does God exist?’ but ‘Does he understand?’ Right at the heart of the Christian faith is a God who has suffered. He has suffered like us and he has suffered for us. Somehow through his suffering He has somehow brought us into relationship with God. If we walk with Him through our suffering, there is hope for today. There is hope for tomorrow. There is comfort you never thought was possible. There is strength you never knew you had … Evil has been defeated on that first Easter. It hasn’t been removed yet, but one day it will … There is ultimate hope for us.