Discuss: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?

(Carson Weitnauer) #22

What a quote from Edmund Kirsch in Dan Brown’s book!

New technologies like cybernetics, synthetic intelligence, cryonics, molecular engineering, and virtual reality will forever change what it means to be human. And I realize there are those of you who believe you, as Homo sapiens, are God’s chosen species. I can understand that this news may feel like the end of the world to you. But I beg you, please believe me … the future is actually much brighter than you imagine.

This does raise the importance of understanding “Human 1.0” as Lennox puts it.

(Brian Weeks) #23

In reference to DNA, Lennox said, “Unguided, natural processes do not produce code.” I love how he used Darwin’s favored method of inference to present a meaningful problem to abiogenesis.

(Carson Weitnauer) #24

The contrast between Christianity and atheistic naturalism is quite stark.

To paraphrase him: ‘If you believe that biological human life came about through naturalistic processes, then it is rational to believe that we can use human intelligence and silicon to create a greater intelligence.’

(Carson Weitnauer) #25

Leon Kass: “If we come to see ourselves as meat, then meat we shall become.”

(Brian Weeks) #26

If anyone is interested in engaging this topic of science and, specifically, of transhumanism and artifical intelligence, the RZIM Academy offers a number of electives that touch on these timely subjects.

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(Carson Weitnauer) #27

Intelligence and consciousness. God links them. AI separates them.

“The biggest barrier is consciousness.” - John Lennox

(LaTricia J.) #28

I’m struck by him saying, “This is the type of knowledge you don’t want to have…” That is something to really think about it.

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #29

Amazing statement

(Carson Weitnauer) #30

This is a major ethical challenge for AI technologists and futurists: the greater the autonomy of these systems, the greater their need for moral safeguards (Rosalind Picard). Who will argue for power unconstrained by morality? But how do we program morality into systems that affect entire societies?

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #31

Yes Carson. Who gets to be right?. Who decides?

(Carson Weitnauer) #32

Another paraphrase of Lennox:

When a futurist says, man can become god, that is fascinating.
When Christians say, God has become a man, we are told that is ridiculous.

(LaTricia J.) #33

There can many algorithms to attempt to program morality - right and wrong. But that opens the door to the question of what is at the heart of morality (no pun intended)? What is at the heart is the heart and the disposition/posture of the heart. Morality in AI is essentially the expression of the programmer’s heart along with of his/her biases…

(LaTricia J.) #34

He just described The Matrix.

(Brian Weeks) #35

The more I learn about this subject of AI and the question of why we are pursuing it, the more I see this as yet another attempt to satisfy that most fundamental, inescapable, deepest heart longing we all have. Could our pursuit of AI be yet another inevitable disappointing achievement on the hedonic treadmill? While AI is relatively new, is the reasoning and purpose behind it really that new?

In Psalm 16:11, God says he alone is able to satisfy that which we incessantly and furiously claw after - fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.

As John helps me to see the potentialities that AI present, my gratefulness to Jesus Christ as the sovereign Author of life and Savior of sinners is being kindled.

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #36

I often use analogies from that movie. The arts or movies reveal the present culture. It’s has for centuries. Makes me think of Francis Schaefer

(LaTricia J.) #37

Not only does it depict the present culture, it also depicts the trajectory of the present culture.

(Carson Weitnauer) #38

To link from the discussion of Revelation to this topic, it does make sense that systems of great power and evil would seek to control commerce and the economy.

All the more important that Christians are involved in this area to protect human freedom and build better technological and economic systems that reflect the kingdom of God.

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #39


(Carson Weitnauer) #40

Ultimately, Dr. Lennox sees no reason to fear artificial intelligence. When we take the Bible seriously, we have confidence that God is in charge. He is the author of life and he is the one who will one day redeem all things.

(Phoebe Baumgardner) #41

Amen amen Carson