Discuss: True Love in a Time of Crisis

In this talk, Ravi lays out his four pillars upon which we can build a life of strength in truth at this time. A time when we must “live with the eternal in perspective” and reflect on how we each can make this world a better place

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We are living in the most precarious of all times, with the most extraordinary ability to communicate. But substance has been compromised at the altar of selfishness and self-propagation. Never before have there been more hyphenated words with self, and the ultimate time is the selfie time. We are preoccupied with ourselves, and we have lost contact with objective truth.

Just realize that God creates, God communes. That is the eternal depth of reality with which you and I live.

He didn’t come to make us more moral people. A person can be so morally lost, and conceited in their morality. But humility comes when you know your salvation itself is not earned, it’s a gift to you and to me.

God has you in His heart. His love for you is personal.

The Scriptures cannot be broken, and they give to us the foundations of eternity, morality, accountability, charity. Take those pillars, anchor it in His Word, and make this world a better place.

Make it Personal:

  • Of these pillars, eternity, morality, accountability, and charity, which one(s) have you found to be especially significant in your life?

  • Do we see these pillars in the world at large around us? If so, how so? If not, why not?

  • Taking up Ravi’s final charge, how do these pillars allow us to make this world a better place?