Discuss: Who Am I, God? — Michael Suderman

Who Am I, God?

Who am I really, and how can I live fully into who God has made me to be?

Join Michael Suderman as he unpacks these questions on Friday, June 21, 5:45–6:15 p.m. ET.


These look great! Thanks Carson @CarsonWeitnauer :slight_smile: Looking forward to June 21st!

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Hey guys! A great topic tonight-

Our Identity

Michael Suderman asks us to consider how to answer this quest to know our Identity.

3 Questions we must answer

1.What are you living for? Your primary aim?
2. What is my worth?
3. Who says? Where does my validation come from?

We know there are 2 approaches to answering these questions:

  1. From the outside -in (the family/role we are born into)

  2. From the inside-out - the way Our Culture today operates…all about my dreams, my feelings to dictate knowing our Identity.

You do you popular phrase of today… tricky because our desires change and do not always agree.

"Our feelings tell us the truth" - popular way to think in our culture

Michael says, “Truth is…none of us really want to live that way. We want relationship.”

He reminds us of social media- our go-to for validation.- even though we think we don’t need it!

Any thoughts here, friends?
-I know I’ve been guilty of hoping for affirmation on social media, or looking for a positive word or praise from another person when I’ve done something well, etc.

But, is this how it should be?
Who should give us our validation?
Who tells us who we are?

What happens if we don’t make the team? Don’t get the job? Don’t find a spouse? Aren’t in that friend group?

Such good food for thought from Michael, here.

Hope to read some of your thoughts, too!


I really liked his speech and I agree with what he said about today’s culture trynna tell people their are their own “god”. Or the “Trust in you” thing. as he said we can’t trust in us. we don’t have any power to change any situation for our good. we don’t even know what we need. we trust in GOD we trust in JESUS. and he brings out a treasure of us. that’s the plan. I don’t really know who I am but this the better incertitude of my life. I just know that I am his child. that leads me seek him more to discover who he is.

Also it is true about how social media has made us Dependent of validation. I’ve realized it a 2 months ago reading a podcast of crossway radio with Tony reinke. the link : https://www.crossway.org/articles/podcast-why-you-probably-need-a-digital-detox-tony-reinke/?utm_source=Crossway+Marketing&utm_campaign=33d975653b-20190520+-+General+-+Podcast%3A+Digital+Detox&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0275bcaa4b-33d975653b-300541433

Isn’t it weird how we trynna take photos of everything everywhere? we don’t even leave in the present. wether we’re going on a trip, to a party, buying a new car or a dress, we always think in our mind about how great the photos will look in our instagram. and we’re always excited about it like (oh people are going to like this for sure, they’re going see me doing it). and funny thing when you don’t have as much reactions as you want, it often turn your mood down. feeling, maybe im just not good enough, my car is maybe not expensive enough, im going to try harder. and we just let random people decision to double-click our pics or not define our satisfaction toward ourselves.
Some people don’t post. they just go on instagram to like other people photos and feel bad about how inferior they are to these people. these people (that they don’t) know are enhanced by the society to be the standard of being perfect. Social media is surely a thing! People who post are kind of lost and people who like posts are also lost.
The Holy Spirit made me understand that the only validation I needed was from God. and it was given to me already. my beauty, my wealth, my intelligence, my joy are in Jesus. no one on this earth, including myself could define me. But God can, he knows me more than myself. Since the day I realized that, I understood how I didn’t feel beautiful enough, so posting selfies all the time was a way to reassure myself. and if people liked it, I would feel beautiful for a short period of time,… then post again. its a gentle drug, that also destroy the self.
So now I don’t post and I feel so beautiful, I don’t show off my clothes, but I know I dress well for the glory of God. Like even if I was in a bad day with pimples all over my face, knowing that God has made me, I feel ridiculously beautiful.

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Hey @Vanes_Gato!

So glad you chimed in here…
I hear you on the social media traps we can get stuck in…
I loved what you said:

Amen to that!

Be blessed today as you seek to glorify Him in the ways He’s made you- I’m with you!