Discuss: Who are We, God? — Kasey Leander

Who are We, God?

Who are we?

Are humans accidental machines in a wide-open cosmos, or are we made for something more?

Stream Kasey Leander live on Thursday, June 20, 5:45–6:15 p.m. ET.


Hey everyone! Another great livestream up in a few minutes- “Who are We, God?”
I hope you’ll chime in if you are available to watch - or catch up later on when it’s convenient :slight_smile:Looking forward to it!


Kasey does a great job of illustrating the ways we fall and can’t make it “well” on our own.
When we choose to make our own way and define ourselves- we fall into:

Confusion, Exhaustion, and Dehumanization

Kasey explains that we are more than the stuff we are made of, and more than the anxieties we face.

We are children of God.

Q &A Anyone here experience a time in life when you wrestled with knowing who we are- as people?

Endowed with rights by our Creator?

Made in the image of God?

Would love to know your thoughts!


@HeidiMitchell, thanks for starting this conversation. I agree with Kasey Leander’s point of how open-ended identity increases anxiety because there is such a burden to build one’s identity entirely alone. In an indirect way, it reminded me of Vince Vitale’s talk on forgiveness, where one of his points was lack of forgiveness leads to death. When kids start from scratch building their identity, they’re bound to make mistakes along the way. Without forgiveness, even the smallest misstep can be fatally permanent.