Discuss: Who Are We in a Troubling World?

In this talk from 2018, Dr. Jo Vitale reminds us of our innate worth as people made in the image of God. In doing so, Jo asks, “Having lost sight of the intrinsic beauty of every human being, is it any wonder that we have learned to treat each other in such ugly ways?”

See, want, take. If that sequence is familiar to you, that’s because it is. That is the sequence of our downfall.

Sin begins with distorted vision.

At the root of every human conflict is our inability to see each other clearly, to recognize another person’s innate worth as someone who is made in the image of God. Having lost sight of the intrinsic beauty of every human being, is it any wonder that we have learned to treat each other in such ugly ways?

We see the trajectory of sin. What starts out as a desire for objects that we can do with as we please, quickly escalates into the objectification of humans to do with as well please.

Christ did not commission us to go into hiding, he commissioned us to go out into the world.

Christ has given us a light to see by, a light to live by. The temptation today is to look around and see nothing but change, but when Christ looks at a person, He sees through to what is unchanging: the image of God in every person.

Make it Personal

  • How do you see your vision of other people has having been distorted so that you aren’t seeing them first as an image-bearer?

  • How do you think conflict would be transformed if everyone recognized each other’s intrinsic value and beauty first?

  • What can we do, as we go into the world, to share that innate worth to the people around us?


I believe the child of God’s view of each human beings value in the eyes of God is unshakable even as the unbelief of the world steadily increases.
You are correct in your title of a "troubling world "
I believe the days of testing we are in is ultimately about changing our view of entire realms not individuals.
The desire to establish a new worldwide realm of constant apprehension and danger is undeniable at this point.
Men are throwing off God altogether , even in our churches the cordial support given to the so-called higher criticism, which when unmasked is infidelity pure and simple has much more subtle and destructive potential for the child of God than attacking their view of the value of individual human beings .
No doubt that in this effort to impact entire realms Individuals will be used as cannon fodder .
Much in the same way that the value of an individual human was used to try and pass judgement on the Lord when a crippled man was placed before Him on the sabbath so that Jesus could be observed evaluating this person worth, that they might achieve their real goal of destroying Jesus.
The world had no real care or concern for the individual and his situation, he was used merely a means to an ends.
Who the child of God is called to be in this period of increasingly shuttering out God and His Word, is a living testament that the Love of heaven flowing from the Throne of God & filling human soul is the only thing in this world that does not change.
" Whose voice then shook the earth…that those things which cannot be shaken
mat remain. " ( Hebrews 12:26-27 )

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