Discuss: Why Jesus Satisfies

“All of us are leading lives which we think will make us happy,” Michael Ramsden says. “We all want to be fulfilled.” But how do we truly measure what it means to be satisfied in this world? Join Michael on this weekend’s Saturday Session as he unpacks a few key passages in the Bible to look at the lasting satisfaction found in the person of Jesus.

You know that sometimes there are questions which we ask, and we sometimes hope that somebody won’t answer it unless they give us the answer we want.

Sometimes we’re asking real questions, but we have to stop and say, “Wait a minute; who has authority in my life to answer this question? Will I actually listen to what you have to say?”

Jesus is not saying it is wrong to look for satisfaction or to want it. As a matter of fact, the Bible never questions the legitimacy of our desire for true happiness and fulfillment.

God is not questioning the desire for fulfillment and satisfaction; He’s questioning where you can find it.

Imagine how disappointing it is to climb all the way up to the top of the ladder of life only to realize the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

When we think of holiness, we assume that means incredible seriousness, but actually what God is talking about here is an incredible joy.

Christ came into this world. He alone can meet the deepest desires of our heart; He alone can satisfy us.

Make it Personal

  • What are some of those questions that you have asked, but really don’t want to know the answer to unless you can get the answer you want?

  • How can we pursue holiness that leads not to seriousness but to incredible joy?

  • What does it mean for our witness that Jesus came not to deny our desire for happiness and joy, but to fulfill it?


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