Discuss: Why We Still Believe in Santa

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

“I no longer believe in Santa and the Tooth-Fairy, so why still believe in God?”

In a culture where Christmas is often hi-jacked by consumerism and seemingly empty ritual, on this week’s podcast we discuss Santa, the origin of “Christmas trees,” and how authentic hope can be found this holiday season.

I look forward to your comments, insights, and questions!

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Is it two sides of the same coin?
(Whitney Bowman) #2

I greatly enjoyed this podcast, and have found much encouragement as I listen back through the Ask Away podcasts. I love Christmas, and it was really neat to journey through it with international classmates.

Perhaps somebody could help me understand this a bit better. How could something be right for one person, and the exact same thing be wrong for another? How do I separate this from the idea so prevalent in our modern culture of truth being relevant? And as a young Christian, I’d be very excited to learn from y’all how to practically discern which side these seemingly everyday things fall? I think of 1 Corinthians 10 where Paul talked about meat sacrificed to idols and of Satan testing Jesus in the wilderness and Jesus explaining that man shall not live on bread alone.