Discuss: Will We Ever Have Enough?

“We live in a world in which the possibility of human sacredness–that God-inspired idea that our lives have essential value, and should not be reduced to what we consume–has never been more under threat.” RZIM Senior Vice President Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing points us toward a unique way of seeing the world, one which does not diminish us but is realistic about our selfishness, and offers us nothing less than transformation of the human heart.

We live in a context where we are pursuing affluence, but experiencing emptiness.

What is at stake, says Jesus, is your whole sense of well-being as a person.

Reductionist consumerism is harming our mental health; it’s also harming the very environment of our planet.

What is so troubling about unbridled and unquestioned consumerism is it that it proceeds from a reductionist philosophy, a view of the human person, that narrowly defines men and women by their economic potential and the satisfaction of their material wants.

Outrage in the face of injustice makes sense to us as human beings because we instinctively sense, ‘this is not the way things are meant to be.’ But is that impulse really rational?

If life is in some way sacred, we would all have ways of seeing and knowing this to be true.

Our emptiness and our longings, which can’t be satisfied by wealth, and can only be fulfilled with relationship with our creator; both that hunger, and our moral culpability, our need for a savior, both are accounted for in the Christian faith.

Make it Personal

  • How might we use our outrage at injustice, not as weapon to tear another person down, but to point to the One who makes sense of the injustice?

  • How does our recognition of another as being made in the image of God transform our moral outrage at injustice?

  • Why is selfishness and egoism, reductionist consumerism, antithetical to the Gospel of Christ?

Nothing you mention can be accomplished without trust in the Word of God .
This at a time when the Word of God has never been more unwelcome in the public square .
Just as the nation’s growing legions of fatherless children clearly have no sense of who they are in the human terms , this effect is x’s infinitely, and much more tragically in the spiritual terms when we have no idea who we are in God’s family .
No sense of for what reason or purpose they have come into the world .
With nothing left to strive for but the material which can never satisfy.
All that is left when afraid is to to trust and cling all the more to the material & the carnal.
Only through Christ Jesus can our proper place as new and complete children of the Father be restored & realized .
Only through Him & His redeeming work can “injustice” be amended through love , joy, peace, long suffering, goodness, self-control, meekness, fathfulness.

 " And because ye are sons, God sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts 
   crying Abba , Father ,"     ( Galatians 4:6 )