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Discuss: Words that Heal in a Hurting World

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first voice you reach out to listen to? Your phone, Instagram, or your favorite news outlet or commentator? This weekend on The Saturday Session, Sam Allberry reminds us of the phenomenal power words have and why the words of Jesus–although not always easy–can utterly change your life.

Words carry phenomenal power, and that should not surprise us; we live in a universe created by speech. God spoke reality into being.

We are made as creatures in His image who have that same capacity to speak words that can be creative, but also our words can be frighteningly destructive. Which is why the Bible has so much to say about how we use our words.

[Jesus’] words literally transformed lives…and they still do.

Jesus says that our whole lives need to be reoriented around the things of God and that is why repentance is so urgent.

My repentance is not the condition of God’s love; it’s the fruit of it.

That God loves us as we are now is a sign of His grace and mercy…a sign of His kindness because God doesn’t wait for us to be worthy of His love. He can love us even now.

Being a Christian is about following Jesus. It’s not primarily a set of moral allegiances; it’s not primarily a set of religious practices or spiritual disciplines. It is devotion to Jesus.

We give everything to Jesus, and the question for us is: what are we tempted to hold back from Jesus?

One of the most dangerous things you can do in the Christian life is to delay obedience. The longer you leave your response to Jesus, the longer you take to do what you know Jesus is calling you to do, often the harder it becomes.

Make it Personal

  • Do you view repentance as a condition for God’s love, or as fruit of it?

  • What is the first voice to which you turn in the morning? If not Jesus, how can you make it so that Jesus is first?

  • Do you find there is something or somethings that you are persistently tempted to try to hold back from Jesus?

  • Whose voice are you letting yourself listen to above Jesus’ voice?