Divine Healing Only

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I belong to church that originated in Sri Lanka but is now headquartered in India originally called the ‘The Pentecostal Mission’ and one of the core beliefs of the church is that healing should come divinely from God and that Christian’s when faced with sickness whether it be a simple headache, the common cold or cancer should rely soley upon God for Divine Healing and not seek out doctors or take medicine. It is thought in our church that by not believing God for Divine healing you are not putting your trust in God but in doctors and medicine. Many believers from my church have died from what I believe in some cases are curable sicknesses as a result of this. Is this belief scriptural? What scriptures say it’s ok to take medicine and go to doctors in the Bible?

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@timothy.tambie No, the belief that going to a doctor is a lack of faith is not Scriptural. In fact, Luke himself was a physician and Jesus clearly indicated that those who are sick need a doctor. Of course, we should be wise in choosing a skilled doctor and in getting multiple opinions if we are unsure. We must still practice wisdom. But it is not a lack of faith to see a doctor. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Matthew 9:12 - On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."

1 Timothy 5:23 - Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.

Colossians 4:14 - Our dear friend Luke, the doctor, and Demas send greetings.

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Hi Sean,

Thank you for your quick response much appreciated I fully agree with your answer and the article is very helpful.



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I have a follow up question. For those who are alive and genuinely believe this doctrine, by refusing medicine or doctors and only looking for divine healing are they in fact doing something wrong or being disobedient or sinning in the eyes of God? If they are what would be the fate of those who died believing this?

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@timothy.tambie I think that all depends on the state of their heart and their walk with God, which are things we cannot see. Only God knows their heart. I do not think this belief will prevent someone from going to Heaven if they are sincerely trying to honor Christ. That said, I think ignorance can do a great deal of harm and we should educate others about what the Scriptures truly teach if they are open to listening.

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We know from the Bible that God works through humans, think of the prophets. The man that provided the place for the last supper. The man that placed the donkey where Jesus said it would be for his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The man who carried the cross for Jesus. And so many more.

Just as God used human agency throughout scripture, we see Him still doing so today. Perhaps the doctor that has diagnosed and treated a patient’s cancer is also such an agent of the Lord.

I think the really grave error believer’s make is when they so separate the spiritual side of their life from their physical that they do NOT seek God’s provision for their healing. Maybe if you are relying solely on medical intervention with no thought to how God is in that, you are neglecting the best medicine ever. And maybe when you are relying solely on God’s supernatural intervention for healing you are neglecting that the medical profession can be part of that very equation.

I certainly agree with SeanO on the “state of their heart.” How blessed is that congregation that they reach out to God for all their needs.

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I am a physician and would agree with Sean and Jennifer. I believe God led me and many Christian physicians to their profession not because we believe we are the ultimate healers, but that only God heals and he sometimes chooses to heal through the knowledge and skill He has given us. If their reasoning was correct then would not all Christian doctors be showing their lack of faith or perhaps disobedience? Doesn’t God choose to use our feeble witness of healing and compassion to draw others to himself? I’ve seen it many times over my 38 years in medicine. I will pray for you as you seek God’s wisdom.

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Thank you all for sharing all the comments have been insightful.

One of points they made when I have tried to inquire more about this doctrine is that it is a higher level faith and those who are able to trust God like this into death would receive a greater reward in heaven.

I also wanted to share the wiki link about the church https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pentecostal_Mission