Diweni E

Hello everyone,

Where are you from?
I am from Nigeria. I grew up in Switzerland and currently, I am in Houston Texas. I grew up listening to Ravi Zacharias on the radio, so it absolutely amazes me to see how far God has brought the team. I am a nurse, however, apologetics and theology have always interested me deeply.

What led you to join Connect?
Although I have been listening to apologetics since I was 12 years old, somehow it does not stick in my brain. I still have a hard time answering questions, but the real reason I decided to join is that my brother lost his faith. He went through some really difficult situations, and now he is aksing questions I do not know how to answer. I thought I could ask those questions here and hopefully, God will use this to heal him.

How do you hope to contribute?
I do not know how I can contribute, but I look forward to growing as a Christian with the community.


HI @didichan,

Welcome! I am so glad that you have joined Connect.

I think we all struggle to remember apologetics. It takes careful study and ongoing preparation.

I would very much consider you sharing the questions that have come up in the conversations with your brother to be a precious gift. I know the community will not only help you with answers but also be praying for you and your brother.


Welcome aboard @didichan. So glad that you have joined us. I just said a prayer for your brother. Also that you would have the words at the right time to be able to come alongside him and help him to the right path. I hope these discussions help you directly in your daily path and conversations. The more you are exposed to the discussions the easier it does become to recall. But everyone has difficulty from time to time. God-bless you and your journey


Hey There Diweni!
Welcome! I grew up in Houston after moving from San Antonio. How do you like Texas? What a beautiful sister who explores answers out of love for your brother! The fact that he’s asking questions is such a good thing, and I’ll pray that your time on Connect brings on great discussions that bring him close to the One Who loves him and is not afraid of his questions!


Welcome, @didichan!

Let me encourage you! I have been studying apologetics at a relatively high-level for years now and I still have a hard time remembering some of the arguments and answers! But, I continue to study, because, the more I do the more things start to stick. Keep pressing in and seeking God!


welcome to rzim @didichan … you know Mr. ravi is from my country India. His hair is now white as snow. I am a very big fan of him. In India there is hero and there are fans. Mr. Ravi is big hero of apologetics and he has lot of fans.

I am sure you will receive what you looking for on this awesome platform. Everybody here is sweet and soft spoken and kind worded people.


Hi @didichan, welcome to connect. God bless your heart. I am lifting your brother up in prayer as well. I struggle with recall too. I have been amazed by some of the conversations I’ve had with people where I walk away and think “ where did that come from?” Of course I realize it came from the Lord but it still amazes me. He gives us the words. As much as we want to persuade a person to believe or not give up, our Lord desires it most. You have come to the right place and I trust you will find much of what you need here :heart:


Hello and welcome Diweni @didichan
It’s a pleasure meeting you.
I also share in your frustration on apologetics and your brothers’s decision. I will remember you in my prayers. As for me, I never really had a grip on apologetics until my Enrollment with the @RZIM_Academy core module.

Keep studying and I am looking forward to learning from you.
Grace to Grow
From Nigeria