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Do Miracles Still Happen Today

Miracles may have happened in biblical times, but why don’t we see them happening all the time today? On day four of Take Five this week, Matthew Mittelberg looks at a powerful story of a miracle and why some may be hesitant to share their own miracle stories in the West.

One possible reason is that we’ve been blessed with a lot of sophisticated medical technology in the West and so God usually heals through more normal means.

Another reason is that there’s an anti-supernaturalistic bias in America and Europe. Anything with a religious undertone is viewed with skepticism.

We all believe things that at first glance seem unbelievable. Why is it that anything with religious significance is immediately discounted by many people?

Make it Personal

  • Have you experienced a miracle? If so, have you shared that story with others, or have you be reticent to do so? Why or why not?

  • Do you think that stories of miracles are more helpful or more hindering to sharing the Gospel with a non-Christian?

hello @jspare
great topic. I haven’t witnessed a miracle of Biblical proportions yet although I’ve read about some other people’s experiences. It gives a certain hope because I know that God is able. I personally would love to see supernatural manifestations and some specific prayers answered in a powerfully extraordinary way. I would definitely talk about it. But it’s highly likely that our generation would “explain away” miraculous
Stories of miracles could be helpful but people could always doubt unless they experience it personally. Then again one could always wonder why miracles seems to happen to others?

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@jspare. Call me simplistic but I see miracles happening often. In my life and in the lives of others. Perhaps what we suffer from in the West is an assumption that our advancements have sifted the necessity of GOD’s intervention. But we are exposed by such conclusions.

We think modernization has enlightened us. Placing us on par with capabilities once attributed to GOD. But who in 2020 would not trade the sophistication of technology for the peace and civility that embraced the lives of those who lived before our generation. It feels that our advancements have placed us in a precarious position, and the odds of our World surviving our enlightenment, is questionable. We actually need JESUS more than ever before.

I think this often whenever I share with others, the miraculous in life. For instance. When my vehicle was stolen from my driveway, my Aunt and I prayed for its safe returned and all its contents intact. From the Policeman who took my report to Newscasters the next day, I was given the assurance that I would never see such a thieves’ choice returned. Or it would be returned stripped of all value. When the police discovered the car four months later, people were quick to try and apply logic as an explanation. My brother concluded I had been robbed by an honest thief! An honest thief?

I did not offer any arguments. I knew what GOD had done. Past row after row of torched and stripped cars on the police lot set my vehicle without a scratch. Inside the car was every credit card still inside my purse. Between the bucket seats in the front row in the car, standing upright in a large manilla envelope were checks and over $500.00 in cash I held for our Sunday School gathering. I still have the police report with its two page listing of the contents. The only thing missing was a multi-colored blanket my Dad had brought me. I always thought of it as my Joseph’s coat of many colors.

I noticed the only people seeking to explain what had happened with logic, seem to be rehearsing a speech for their own benefit. It felt as if they believed to acknowledge GOD’s intervention would require a re-examination of their living. It reminded me of a saying one of my Grandmother’s had. “If GOD doesn’t get you in the wash, He will in the rinse.”

I will always share the miraculous of GOD’s hand in my life. How it is received or perceived I don’t think I will be too concerned about. Its GOD’s choice of timing and appropriateness. I just need to listen for His clues. Some plant, some water; but GOD gives the increase.

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