Do we have a Pretentious Freedom?

(Joshua Spare) #1

Abdu Murray, in his talk tonight From Slaves to Sons: Freedom for Muslims in the Gospel at the Understanding and Answering Islam Conference, challenged us with the following question (rough paraphrase):

As Christians, we say, “there is freedom for us in Christ!” or “there is a way to God in Christ!” and we then say, “Hallelujah!” But why are we saying, “hallelujah”? Are we saying thank goodness that there is freedom, or are we saying thank goodness that I have freedom, thank goodness that I know the way to God.

He then goes on to say sometimes we end up in a “schoolyard” religion, essentially saying, “my dad’s religion is better than your dad’s!”

  • Do you see this proclivity in your own life or in the lives of believes around you?
  • What is the antidote to this line of thinking? What verses, what challenges do you find in the Bible that would correct us thinking about our freedom in these terms?

I would love to hear some thoughts on this, but if you would like to hear more of what Abdu is saying about it, make sure to log onto the free stream of the conference this evening! Here is the link:

(Kurt Kruppe) #2

This is a good question…I need some time to ponder this. Thank you.