Do you have examples of 'living letters' of God in your life?

(SeanO) #1

I was on Twitter and saw this tweet - I’ve linked the article he is referencing below. I think it is a good reminder that people really are paying attention to the way we live - to our whole lives. And that even in the little things that seem insignificant to us we can bear witness.

How has someone you have known been a ‘living letter’ to point you to God? Can you think of other examples / stories along these lines?

2 Corinthians 3:3 - You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

Washington Post Article on Jimmy Carter

(C Rhodes) #2

@SeanO I have tons of lives that have been mentors and influences in my life. But, your question seems to ask for letters that are alive today. Those are all pretty much gone on. Probably one of the most shocking moments in my recent past, was when I realized I was very much alone in that respect. My heart breaking I went to the Lord and He replied: “it is your turn now.”

(SeanO) #3

@cer7 Yes, we should all pray fervently that the Lord Jesus may use us as living letters for others to see the love, truth and grace of our Master.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

I can share an example of a “living letter” in my life. I became a Christian as a teenager in India but did not have the opportunity to attend church due to family circumstances and so decided to come to the U.S to pursue graduate school. At that time, my prayer was that the Lord would lead me to a Christian lady to disciple me.

As soon as I came to the U.S. for graduate school, I gave my contact information to at least 3 Christian organizations on campus. Only one lady followed up right away in the first week and she took on the responsibility of not only discipling me for 5 years but pretty much adopting me as a sister into her family. Clearly, an answered prayer! She poured herself into student’s lives and attended to all sorts of needs we students had. All students I knew were willing to listen to what she had to say about the gospel, not due to her intellectual abilities but just because of her genuine passion for God, her heart to reach out to anyone in need irrespective of cultural background, her thoughtful generosity and her ability to speak truth according to the needs of our lives.

A few things I will never forget that she did for me:

I didnt own a car as a student, and she faithfully took me to church for 5 years and many other students every Sunday, rain or shine! Her reason, " We never know who the next Billy Graham is!".

She was careful about remembering our birthdays, graduations and anniversaries and celebrated with us. There were no Facebook reminders back then. She took us international students to groceries, helped us get settled in and continued to help us in practical ways over the years. She checked on how we were doing and made surprise visits just to get to know us during the week in addition to a weekly bible study she led on campus.

She instilled in us students who were new to the Christian faith the habit of daily prayer. She faster and prayed for us at times of need. She didn’t look at her watch when she was ministering and kept patient and counseled through impulsive decisions students sometimes made, a few times late into the night. She was bold to give us truth even when it was hard for our good. She truly celebrated with us in our joys and mourned with us in our sorrows.

I am thankful I had the opportunity of meeting someone who tried to model Christ clearly. We may not always have those kind of " living letters" around us and may be surrounded by hostility but that may be the clue to turn to God’s letters and be the “living letter”.

(SeanO) #5

@Lakshmismehta Wow, thank you for sharing that testimony! It is always encouraging and humbling to remember how God has used other peoples’ faithfulness and love in our own lives so that we may be hopeful He can do the same through us. It is easy to worry about our intellectual abilities or being ‘cool enough’ or a host of other doubts - but just by being available and making space for other people in our lives God can use us in mighty ways for the Kingdom.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #6

I can’t say that I have any personal examples (sadly), but one person who has made a big impact on my life is none other than Ravi Zacharias. I don’t know him personally of course, but I’ve listened to his podcast for a long time plus read many of his books. He has been a true blessing to follow. He is the one that awoke me out of my “spiritual slumber” and actually study the Bible while learning to defend its credibility as well as help prove the existence of God to skeptics. I plan on going to a secular university in a year, so i want to be as ready as possible for the secular onslaught of temptations and moral corruption I may face. If it weren’t for Ravi, I’d still be the lukewarm Christian that Jesus mentions in Revelations 3.

Thank you so much, Ravi Zacharias, not only do I know how to answer the hard questions, but also how to (and more importantly) answer the questioner with the truth of Christ Jesus, who died for my sins and theirs, and rose on the third day.