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Do you tend to engage with spiritual conversations, or do you shy away?(Q of the Day for Wednesday)

Thinking through @Alycia_Wood’s evangelism tips, I actually want to hear from you guys. Do you personally find it easy or hard to engage with people on spiritual topics?

Personally, I’ve gone on a real journey with this. For years, I was hesitant. I have strong opinions and don’t want to blast anyone, haha. Too many of my conversations have turned into pointless debates in the past, and it made me not want to engage with people.

But a key point for me came when I realized something: even though many of us have a bad taste in our mouths from aggressive debates around politics/religion, in our heart of hearts, most people WANT to be asked what they think about those things. They want to share from the heart!

The trick is to listen. Nobody will speak if they don’t feel listened too. Even if we end up disagreeing, I have never had someone walk away from a spiritual conversation where I really tried to listen angry.

A bit of an eye-opener for me!!!

But what about you guys? Where are you at with this?


To be honest i used to shy away whenever someone asked me something about God or any spiritual subject, but now i can not wait for someone to have even the smallest curiosity about something related to faith. And as you said, people are not walking away from this kind of conversations because one thing i am sure now is that they have lots of questions. How do i know this? because i have lots of questions even though i know God and i’m continuing to know Him. So i do my best to listen what the other person is asking because one thing i can say is that people (even those who don’t belive in Him) are searching for God and they don’t even know it.


Really many times I shy away from spiritual conversations because of the fear of what other people might think of me. And I know this is not right at all, because we are not to hide, but to be the light of the world, and not be ashamed of what they would think of us as followers of Christ. Many times in my family, spiritual matters or questions have risen regarding Christianity, and many times they are not directly asked to me, but I always get nervous when they do. I really would love to engage in spiritual conversations, but sometimes I fear what @Alycia_Wood mentioned today: that I might not have the answers and be left disappointed even in myself. This is the reason why I am here today. Because Ravi has inspired me so much, and I admire him so much. I wanna be trained here and I want to be someone like Ravi was. I want to have more confidence in myself, and know that with Jesus, nothing is in the way.


I love spiritual conversations with close friends, regardless of their beliefs. I tend to be more hesitant with people I don’t know as well because I don’t know their story or worldview so I am often worried I will use a bad example or say something that is unintentionally insensitive to their situation.
I’m trying to ask people more questions and listen without feeling insecure about my beliefs. I want to understand others well without feeling like a burden for making them explain themselves or answer the questions I ask.
I love Christ and I love people, so it would make sense that I would love talking to people about Christ, but it is difficult sometimes. I get arrogant or defensive too easily.


I love spiritual conversations. I am passionate about what I believe and I love to talk about spiritual things, yet I struggle with bringing God into the conversation. Does anyone have advice on how to change the conversation to a spiritual conversation when talking to friends and strangers?


In Acts 11, when Peter returned to the Jewish disciples after visiting Cornelius, they criticized him saying, “You went into the house of uncircumcised men and ate with them,” it’s as if the disciples didn’t think that God’s gift could reach that far. Peter revisited the vision of the unclean animals that the Lord had showed him, he explained how through this experience with Cornelius, he came to understand that the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit was for EVERYONE who believed.

Peter could have been prevented from sharing the Gospel with Cornelius’ household due to his own bias, or prejudice, towards Gentiles, especially Roman centurions. All that is to say, just like Peter and the Jewish disciples, I too can be prevented from sharing my faith with others due to my own biases and prejudice. Sometimes, I would be more willing to have spiritual conversations with someone I deem “nice” than someone who I think is “too far gone”, someone who’s sins are so heinous or, even worse, I don’t think that they deserve it. Like the Jewish disciples, it’s like I don’t believe Jesus’ blood to be powerful enough to save, like, it’s too much for God to handle. What an offense to the saving grace and power of Jesus?

It’s interesting to find that the disciples were first called Christian in Antioch, which was a community made up of Gentiles. This church received the Gospel with gladness because of the obedience of the disciples to make disciples. I was really encouraged by what @Alycia_Wood said, “What God do not ask us to do is save people… You can’t do that. God saves. We tell.” The truth is, you never know how far the Gospel will reach because of the simplest act of obedience, so I have to get over those obstacles that I have to sharing the Gospel with others.

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It makes me smile to read that you enjoy talking about God! You’re right, if you have questions, so do other people. And if those friends find you the kind of person they can come to with their honest questions, then there’s on better place to be!




Thank you for your honesty. I want to point out that there is a difference between being ashamed of God and being scared to evangelize. To figure out which category you belong in, ask yourself, “If someone was to ask me if I was a follower of Jesus Christ, what would I say?” If your answer is a cheerful “Yes!”, then your issue isn’t that you’re not a “light”! It is one thing to be proud of what you believe in, it’s another to feel confident to share it. It sounds to me that your nerves have more to do with how do you communicate these truths to someone without them laughing at you or you getting stuck and not knowing the answer.

Let me encourage you with this. I still get questions I don’t know the answer to, but I still share anyways. In other words, if I waited until I had all the answers before I ever evangelized, I would never do it! I will never have all the answers to the God questions on this side of heaven! Ha! I evangelize with the mental/intellectual tools I have, as little as they are. My confidence in evangelism comes not because of my abilities, but because I’ve evangelized in the past and God has helped me through it- tough questions and all. May I encourage you to just step forward, with the knowledge you have, and trust God to guide the conversation including the questions they ask and your answers?

And yes, you most likely will get questions you don’t know. When that happens, tell them, “I don’t know, but I will look it up and get back to you in two weeks”. THEN, set a date to meet. And now, what has just happened? By saying “I don’t know”, you have just scheduled another meeting to talk with them about God! In a way, having questions you don’t know the answer to is a blessing because it keeps the conversation going! Ha! See! Not knowing the answers isn’t a bad thing!

Much evangelism for me is about trusting God. Just trust Him. Step forward because He asks you to, not because you feel smart. He will meet you where you are at. :slight_smile:



I love asking spiritual questions and hearing people’s stories and opinions. I tend to do more listening than talking.


@Sgpage, @Julianna.King

I’m glad you both are so open to speaking to people about God! You’re right, the type of relationship we have with the person makes the conversation easier or tougher. I have found that for me it is easier for me to talk about God with complete strangers, than family or close friends. Some people find the opposite true.

With anyone, I try to look for open doors. Sometimes a conversation veers a certain way and I use that as the opportunity for me to raise up God in some way. I just wait for that moment, ha! Knowing your audience is helpful as it helps you to tailor the conversation to their specific needs. But even if you don’t, we all have the basic need for a Savior. That is a common ground you can always use as a launch pad. Be patient. Be gentle. Keep the conversation open for further conversation. If you aren’t sensitive enough, apologize. They will appreciate your humility. Feel free to ask people their story, or why they are opposed to God. That will give you background as to how to best engage. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned to my 5 min evangelism tips the rest of the week. I address your questions directly and I will give you a few starting points for a good conversation.

Keep going ladies!! Even though sometimes it’s tough!




Amen!!! I like it!!!



Personally, I don’t tend to have trouble starting spiritual conversations… just trouble carrying them on. I go to a small, private Christian school and, although most of my friends there are professing Christians, talk about Christ rarely happens outside of Bible class in daily conversations. When it does, though, I find it hard to keep the conversation going, because my friends seem think there are much more interesting things to talk about in our “free time”. Things basically just end up as me feeling as though I’m preaching to them. ( which is definitely not what I want and often finds me noticing in myself wrongful pride ) I LOVE discussing the things of Christ with people and it always fills me with so much excitement and joy, but a lot of times, it seems that the culture in which I live just places Christianity as a school subject and not as a day-to-day walk and relationship. :frowning: with two years left of high school, how can I have better have spiritually engaging and beneficial conversations with my friends ? I know that there are so many distractions and struggles in our world today for my friends as well as myself, that put Christ in the back of our minds, but how can I better equip myself for being a tool in God’s toolbox?


Thank you so much for everything you’ve said! And thank God for this opportunity I have now! I am sooo glad to be here and to have joined #refresh-2020, God is just so wonderful and beautiful in how He works, isn’t He?

You’re so right about the difference between being ashamed of God and being scared to evangelize. If someone was to ask me if I was a follower of Jesus Christ, I would for sure respond yes, so my issue is confidence :smile:.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, I will for sure press on and try to evangelize when I am given the chance to, with God’s help, trusting in Him.

You had me grinning and laughing at some points when I was reading this, and you are soo right about not knowing the answer to things sometimes, and having other chances to speak about God with people. Thank you overall!! God bless!

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I totally understand you, because I have lived through the same experience. I’ve been in a private Christian school, but unfortunately, most of the times, the students there were just prominent people in our city who professed Christianity, but were either very carnal and worldly Christians or not real born again people. In fact, I was one of them, and I can understand what you mean totally.

Thanks to the mercy of the Lord, I have now truly been born again. To answer your questions, maybe you should try and be as best of an example, and keep on talking about God. Pray and ask Him for opportunities in which you might talk with them about deep concerning matters that they might be facing in their own lives. Ask Him to use you as an influence. Finally, I would encourage you to find friends who truly want to have Jesus around them all the time, and have a day-to-day walk and relationship with Him.

Although I am a newbie here, and you might not find my advice as the best (certainly not, compared to what other people more experienced than me could have said), I just wanted to reply because I really felt I understood where you were coming from.

May God bless U!! I’ll be praying!


I had the same tendency during college as well to shy away from people asking about my faith because I was afraid I might be asked difficult questions and instead of leading them to Christ, I might cause them to turn away from the faith instead because of my ignorance. That was until we had a series in Acts during one season of our Bible Study Fellowship(BSF). I was amazed of the boldness and the confidence that the early church have in sharing God’s word that I found myself praying to God for me to be used, knowing that the same Holy Spirit who empowered them is the same One I have right now. When I did so, God strengthened my heart and I was able to share the gospel to people I sit next to during bus or plane rides or even while walking in parks. Indeed, God proved to be faithful in giving us the words to speak during that time. I was also inspired by her testimony when John Lennox approached her and told her that if you don’t know the answer, tell them “I don’t know”. It won’t hurt the gospel either way.:slight_smile:
Learned a lot from Day 1 and looking forward for the rest😊


Thank you, brother! Your insight and testimony mean the world to me, especially coming from a fellow student. It’s truly amazing to feel understood by both God and other believers! :slight_smile:

And from what I’ve seen and experienced of God, He has often used people who consider themselves “newbies” to fulfill His purposes and plans… ie. Gideon ( Judges 6:15) and Moses ( Exodus 3:11; 4:10 ). “Ordinary people used by God in Extraordinary ways!”

God bless you too!! :smile:


I live in a very religious community, so almost every one believes in God in some way.
I have a lot of Christian friends that love God and I do enjoy talking about spiritual topics about God and Christian stuff.

I’m not that eager when it comes to my friends of other faiths, particularly Muslims. Well it’s because I always try to avoid offence. But when I feel really strongly in my heart to do so, I even initiate such conversations and evangelise


Love them, wish my peers loved them as much as I do. I do shy away though sometimes because I feel intimidated by someone else.


It seems ever since Covid, that spiritual matter type conversations are becoming for the most part, a tad easier. With the homegoing of Ravi, I have been reminded to listen more and respect the questioner.



Wow! Thank you for sharing your experiences!! I am so glad to read that you have now found boldness with sharing your faith. God is faithful to give us the word in the right moment, isn’t He? I’m so glad you have had those experiences with Him. Hold those close. They will give you the confidence to step into another conversation when you are nervous to. :slight_smile: