Do you think allowing homosexuals couples in church is in keeping with the Bible?

Hello David, when I had read your biography I quickly realized that you were the right person for my question :smiley: Dealing with homosexual sentient people has been a hot topic in our church for a long time. Now the church leadership has cleared the way for the blessing of homosexual couples. Do you think this is in line with the Bible?


Dear IDan,

To give you the short reply, I recommend Preston Sprinkle’s work on these pastoral issues for the Church. There is a resource on his website Centre for Faith, Sexuality and Gender: 09. Guidance for Churches on Membership, Baptism, Communion, Leadership and Service for Gay and Lesbian People. You can also check out my own article on the Scottish Scottish Episcopal Church’s affirmation of gay marriage within the Church and why I disagreed with the decision.

My personal view is that it is wrong to enshrine gay marriage in the Church, simply because the final revelation of what marriage is, given to us through God’s act of creating us male and female and instituting marriage in the beginning between the sexes, as well as Jesus’ ratification of this, and the New Testament’s strong denial of same-sex activity, means I do not see a sound case that can be made for the Church to accept a gay union as a marriage. I think, however, we should be compassionate with gay couples, and be inviting them to know Jesus Christ, and seek His Word on this question. We must not condemn but accept, and love in truth. You can see my reflections here.

With warmest regards,