Do you think churches should hold Iftars?

(Arthur Tepichin) #1

This question came up from a friend of mine:

Do you think churches should hold Iftars to show love to Muslims during Ramadan?

Why or why not?


(SeanO) #2

@Tepichin Great question! I am curious to hear more responses.

I found the following article from Christianity Today helpful in thinking about this matter.

I think the following quote from the article shows the position of some of the Protestant pastors, who are more culturally aware than I:

"Only 1 out of 40 evangelical churches invited local Muslims this Ramadan, he said. Of the 28 pastors who responded to his informal survey on the matter, only 8 said they would be willing to host an iftar. But 24 would accept an invitation from a Muslim to attend one.

Ajaj believed the reluctance in hosting comes from not wanting to give the message that one shares their religious convictions. But joining them is simply a kind response to a friendly invitation, he said."

My opinion would probably side with the 24 who said they would not host one because it could send the message that they support the ideology. But of course as the Pastors said, I would also be willing to attend if invited because that seems to fall under ‘eating meat sacrificed to idols’ as discussed by the Apostle Paul (I Corinthians 8).

Similar to meat sacrificed to idols in Paul’s day, I would also not want to offend the consciences of other Christians who had recently left Islam to serve Christ. So I think that could be a pastoral concern.

(Arthur Tepichin) #3

Excellent post as always.

Here is the article that caused my friend to ask the question.

(SeanO) #4

@Tepichin Thank you for providing the article.

Launching off of the original questions - what are some ways that we can love our Muslim friends during Ramadan other than holding an Iftar? Are their any special opportunities to build friendships and reach out with Christ’s love during this time aside from the Church holding an Iftar?

Please anyone share ideas.

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@SeanO Can I share your response in the private Facebook group for Nabeel Qureshi launch team group? I will also reach out to see what ways former Muslims felt included. I think I read the following idea somewhere on this forum but included non Christian friends to just hang out with your normal group doing any activity would be great if the Sunday school and Sunday church service is something they would never agree to. They should be seeing a difference in our actions.

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Hi @Tepichin, we’d also love for those friends to join us in the discussion here! :slight_smile:

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For sure I agree! I will invite them all again.

This is such a great place to ask and explore questions!

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@Tepichin Yes, feel free to share as the Spirit guides