Does God Exist

Hello my name is Tah
I’m from Philadelphia
I came from a church group
I have a question why would God make humans if he knows where there gonna go since he is God … I know he wants us to life how we live by why have us cry and suffer just to cry and suffer while on earth and some more when we go to hell


Hello Tah,
Thanks for your post. I just watched the livestream event Is There A God? Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray | University of Miami Open Forum and Ravi and Abdu touched on a couple of the things you refer to especially during the question and answer session. Hopefully, the responses help


Thank you for the question. Let me say this straight brother @Tah , your understanding of God is not sound. The very definition of God implies, he is totally perfect and there is no evil in Him. He is the highest Good. But I see that your understanding of God is veiled by the suffering and evil that exist all around. Evil and God are 2 different questions, but will there be evil if God is good? I say yes, there is a possibility, because evil is not a positive quantity, just like coldness or darkness. There is no such thing as coldness, its just the absence of heat. Also there is no such thing as darkness, its just absence of light.
So the absence of good is the reason for evil.

Now according to me, there are 2 kinds of suffering(positive & Negative). Negative suffering is unwanted suffering which is a product of our own bad choices, we have to reap their consequences, God has given us the freedom to choose but not the freedom to decide the consequence of that choice, We cant escape the Moral Law like the physical laws.
Now positive suffering is good for us, it makes us stronger, for eg- a boxer cant “become” stronger & realize his true potential within, if he sits and eats all day, he has to work out and train. In fact, the word suffering in Sanskrit is Shudh which means Holiness/Pure. I borrow the idea of Hegel here, who says for dialectical evolution(progress), there should be a thesis and an antithesis or In other words, for progress, suffering(antithesis) is imp for life(thesis). So, we ought to learn to be calm and accept travails of Life & let them full-fill their purpose.

Now the follow up question is, Is God silent when when we are facing evil/suffering? Nope, the perfect example is the manifestation of Gods Perfection/word in Flesh(Christ), He is with us in and through this suffering, an active enabler in our journey of salvation, the Author and finisher of our Faith and His incarnation in flesh and consequent suffering and bearing our sin is a solid proof that HE cares! “You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when Im far away.” Psalm 139:2 - "the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."Luke 12:7. And there are many more verses that concretely establishes the fact that God is sovereign and He cares for His creation. Infact God loves us as He loved Christ!

I hope this helps,Thanks! God bless! :smiley:

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Welcome aboard @Tah. So glad that you decided to come alongside us at connect. And thank you for the question. Please just remember that God loves everyone. He created each of us with a special purpose and plan. But he has also given us the will to choose against him even though hes given us everything including our existence. He does not choose against us – we choose against him. It is our choice.

Keep asking questions. The Bible says if you ask you shall receive. I appreciate your heart and I hope that you enjoy this forum. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect Tah! You have a very good questions, one which I have asked myself. I hope the video link that Nancy provided was helpful. Sometimes it is difficult to understand things like this but I do know that God loves us all and doesn’t wish any of us to turn from Him, but as our Father He wishes us to be close to Him. I pray that you find peace in your relationship with Him and with any answers you find to your questions. :blush:


@Tah Nice to meet you!

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Hello Tah, so glad you are here, I hope and pray you find the answers to all your questions.

For me I know God exists because I had a personal encounter with Him when I wasn’t expecting Him, even in my darkest hour. Feel free to post as you feel comfortable. Praying He will truly give you a revealation of His goodness, grace, and truth.

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Hi, Tah! Welcome!

To put it shortly, God created us with the gift of free will because He wants us to genuinely love Him in return! True love!

Connect has been a huge help for me, and I hope it does the same for you! Keep the questions coming!