Does God Pray?

(Deepak Kumar) #1

If jesus is the god then whom was he praying to in the garden? So it can be said that Jesus is not the God but only a good human being, which showed how a human being can live. He was a good prophet but cannot be called God.

(Benjamin Kaigoulen Baite) #2

Dear Deepak,Jesus was absolutely 100% God if we look in John 1:1-3 and also 100% man with a reference from John 1:14,Heb 4:15.Even in John 3:16, it says God gave his only begotten son which implies that Jesus being the son of God is a God and being born in a flesh he was 100% man.
When we look into the incident’s when Jesus asked his disciples WHO he was in Matthew 16:13-16…Peter said he was the son of God.And the one he was praying to is his father preparing himself for the cross just for the salvation of you and me and the whole entire mankind who are enchained by sins and dead.
Thank you

(C Rhodes) #3

@purposeseven_7. It was not the divinity of JESUS that caused Him to pray in the Garden. It was the humanity that He took on when coming to redeem us. Just as it is not, the eternal spirit/soul within us all that brings us grief, sorrow, or pain. It is the body we are clothed in. That’s what the transgression in Eden did to us.

JESUS was no less a person of the Godhead because He clothed Himself in flesh. And we are no less Eternal because we have human bodies.

What JESUS did on our behalf we are told, He thought it, not robbery. Love makes you think like that. The fact that GOD created a body to come to redeem us is an additional bonus. By doing so Christ became the first partaker of what it meant to live in our world and do so without sin. By doing so, JESUS satisfied the righteousness of GOD which demanded by its very magnificence, a sacrifice for our sins.

Because of His experience we now know we can live sin free as well. But, we need the cover of the blood of Christ to make our efforts acceptable to GOD. We must accept the gift of His sacrifice. Human effort alone could never accomplish that feat.