Does God still speak in supernatural ways? How?


Dearest in Christ
Greetings in Jesus name
This is SIRISH from India
I would like to ask a doubt
Does God still speak in supernatural ways? How?

I am working as an evangelist and preacher
Could you supply answer for the above question

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Sirish Kancherla

(Andrew Bulin) #2

Hey Sirish!
As an evangelist, have you not had God speak to you in a supernatural way? Perhaps there is something in your testimony that shows His work in your life. What evidences are you looking for?

I found this book to be quite inspiring and enlightening when it comes to the question of does God still work in the lives of people today as He did in the Bible:

The writer set out in a trip to see where God was working and how, and came back with some incredible stories that were no different than the ones in the Bible.

I sincerely pray that God speaks to you and shows you His work in a powerful way.

(C Rhodes) #3

@SIRISH. The awareness of GOD’s supernatural presence became enhanced when I reached the end of my capabilities in 2013. Now I knew GOD moved in miraculous ways, this I had seen in other lives as well as my own. But in 2013 I reached a new place. I found myself hospitalized the victim of a stroke that the Doctors could not say why it had happened nor when. For the first time in my life, I could not work, I was self-employed so I had no income. I applied for Disability Payments while still in the hospital, but they rejected and denied my claim.

GOD worked many miracles on my behalf. Time prohibits me from talking about the numerous miracles. I will tell you this, for a year and a half, I had no income, about $190.00 on my food card each month. But even with a mortgage payment of nearly $800.00 each month, not a bill went unpaid. And no bill was paid late. I never had to ask.and I did not borrow.

I learned that the supernatural was occurring every day all about me. I learned not to fight battles that had already been won. When I got out of GOD’s way, I discovered that the workings of GOD were natural to my existence. I also learned that much of what I considered supernatural had more to do with my insistence on being entertained and amazed.

GOD is much more than the accepted definition of the supernatural. It is true, the routine and normal of our World provides the perfect backdrop for the works of GOD. He is entirely Faithful and Miracleous. I have many, many more testimonies of that truth.

(Roger Greene) #4

Hi Sirish, I think the there are many ways the Lord speaks with us, some of which come through scripture, trusted advisors, but also most definitely through super natural ways. Perhaps not a hand written on a wall as Daniel witnessed, but certainly in other ways that are more than natural. I have frequently heard stories of Muslims having dreams of Jesus, among many miracles you hear about on the mission front.

I found this book by Chet Lowe to be inspiring and also it provides many examples of God’s supernatural work in the ministry.

Living Parable

(Lakshmi Mehta) #5

@SIRISH, Great question! We really do need to know how to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit if we are to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit. Here’s a reply you might find helpful from an RZIM speaker on how he has experienced direction from the Holy Spirit in evangelism.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

Hello, @SIRISH. I appreciate your question. Many had already attempted to answer it. I just want to be sure, what do you mean by God speaking in supernatural ways? What counts as supernatural in terms of God speaking? Clarifying this will help us answer it better.