Does God Still Use Miracles and Prophecy in the Modern Age?

Hello, Michelle
It’s my honour and privilege to asked you my doubts. I have wrestling about Miracle and prophecy since I have grew up in North Easter part of India where there a lot of prophecy by so called and done some miracle of healing. But as personally for me it’s hard to trust and sound more like an irrational but at the same time hard to deny since I raise up in such societies. My question could God still operate the miracle of healing apart from Medical doctor and could God still ordain prophet to prophesy. Would the gift of such power not only in Ist century?
To shorten my question Did Gone operate Miracle of prophet, healing in modern age?

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Hello Atai,

Thank you for your question. Over the last few years I struggled with similar questions. I grew up in a family and a church that had many testimonies of miracles. I saw miracles with my own eyes, but I still found it hard to trust path God still did miracles today. Here are some of the thing that I found in my research and during my time of seeking God.

What is a miracle?

We need to have a good understanding of what a miracle is before we can decide whether one has taken place. Here is a helpful definition that I have found, it is highly influenced by Wayne Grudem and John Frame.

A miracle is a less frequent type of God’s activity where he intervenes in the regular course of nature for a specific purpose that bears witness to himself.

When we define miracles this way, it helps us understand the true purpose of miracles. And gets to the heart of our real questions about them!

The central claim of Christianity is that God, has revealed himself to the human race, in order to lovingly lead people into a personal relationship with him.

And he uses miracles as part of his divine plan to demonstrate both his power and desire to interact with his creation.

Do we have evidence for this definition of Miracles? We have historically evidence of miracles through the Bible, as you have said. The Bible is the story of the supernatural God interacting with humanity in the natural world in History! Jesus

Is the greatest evidence of God’s intervention in the normal course of nature for a specific purpose!

But Is there Evidence of this definition of Miracles today?

The truth of the matter is that it is almost as difficult to disprove miracles as it is to prove that they actually happed. For example, I was unable to have children for 10 years. I went to many doctors and we could not figure out the reason why. Then last year I suddenly got pregnant and on December 20, 2019 my beautiful daughter Zipporah was born. There are many medical hypothesis as to why or how I finally got pregnant, but this does not make less of the fact art I fully believe that it was only by the power and grace of God that I have my this new baby.

So much of what we believe about miracles has to do with what we really believe about God. Do we believe that He cares? There have been many times in my life when I have not seen the miraculous when I had hoped to. These are hard questions to deal with, I still struggle with them, and I do not dismiss them. These are things we are invited to talk to God about and trust his word and character when we do not see the outcomes we have prayed for.

However if the purpose of miracles is all about God revealing himself and inviting people into relationship with him, then we must believe that He is still at work today. He continues to reveal himself in different ways to different people, because He longs to be in relationship with every individual he has made.

For some people is it very dramatic and for others it is much more subtle, maybe not what we would classically call a miracle. For example, last year I was at the University of Florida for a week long mission. At the end of this week a student on campus shared that she was given a flyer about our meetings at the start of the week and she didn’t even read it! She crumpled it up and decided to throw it away. On the final day of the week she was cleaning out her bag and found the crumpled flyer and the topic was on a question she had always had about God. She came to the last event of the week and at the end of the message she found one of our team and prayed with them to receive Jesus.

That is a testimony of God intervening in the normal course of history to bring that precious student into relationship with Him. Based on what the Bible tells us about the nature of God, I believe that as long as there is human life on this planet, God will be reaching out and making himself known to many different people and many different ways. We always test any miraculous stories or messages that people say that they hear from God by the scripture. If they do not contradict the Bible and they bring glory to God then I believe we can be charitable in our view of them.

God bless you on your journey with Him,


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God’s miracles are not our miracles .
How many lives have been eternally changed by someone of faith going though what Ravi is going through right now as he holds fast to faith in the immediate presence of God in the midst of great adversity .
And in doing so allows God to intercede into the lives of countless others using him.
To me this is as much a miracle as Lazarus coming forth from the tomb, even greater for even Lazarus had to die again physically .
The true miracle is eternal Life .
No angel in heaven has ever had the exalted privilege to be used by God in this way, making intercession on behalf of others through their own unshakable faith in the midst of great adversity .

    " In your prayers make intercession for all men "  ( 1 Timothy 2:1 )
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