Does Romans 9:14-23 suggest that we are predestined?

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Please share your views on this.

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@Matthew You may consider reading this article by William Lane Craig and watching this video from Greg Boyd. They point out that Paul is not talking about the predestination of individuals, but of nations / groups and individuals choose whether or not to be part of that chosen nation. I believe this view makes much better sense of the text, though this is not an issue that should divide believers. Blessings :slight_smile:

Paul’s burden, then, in Romans 9 is not to narrow the scope of God’s election but to broaden it. He wants to take in all who have faith in Christ Jesus regardless of their ethnicity. Election, then, is first and foremost a corporate notion: God has chosen for Himself a people, a corporate entity, and it is up to us by our response of faith whether or not we choose to be members of that corporate group destined to salvation.

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This question has been ask many time and I sure that it will be ask many more times.:grinning:
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Thank you very much.

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@Matthew Sure thing - feel free to ask additional questions / keep the discussion going. The grace of Christ be with you.