Does Science Contradict biblical teachings?

Not sure if this is supposed to be a science or bible question… :sweat_smile:
Does Science contradict the biblical teachings in the Bible regarding the earth’s age or genetics?

I have an atheist friend who says that it was the logical reasoning of science that turned him away from his Protestant upbringing. He’s very open for discussion!

Are there any recommend resources or objections dealing with this that I can share with him? I know there’s a lot out there but kinda overwhelmed with initially diving into this subject as science is not my forte.



Good for you, @CharityLinzey - using your apologetics to reach the heart of a friend!

If you google a phrase like “creation science websites”, you’ll find many organizations with an abundance of information showing that science correctly understood and the Bible correctly understood do not contradict each other at all.

You can also find plenty of formerly atheistic scientists who will tell you the very opposite of what your friend is saying - that it was the logical reasoning of science that turned them away from atheism and ultimately toward Christ.

I hope this line of research will help you help your friend!

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Thanks @jlyons for your encouragement and direction to check some of those websites out!

I appreciate the thread you shared @Keldon_Scott, thanks!

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I believe this is a beautiful question because we as Christians need to defend our faith not through testimony alone, but through logic and reasoning through these trivial times. Science has not disproven the very existence of God. Actually, it’s still in support of God’s existence.

Big Bang theory and time:
The big bang theory can be explained by the Genesis account through time dilation and through the theory of relativity. We have to realize that the Genesis account is told from the point of God, meaning how God created the universe. In time dilation, it states that time can is relative based on the gravitational force or velocity that we experience. A perfect example of this can be the black hole analogy where people outside a black hole experience time at a much slower pace, but a person near an black hole experiences time faster than we do because of the insane amount of gravitational pull. So, if Genesis was written from the perspective of God, we can easily say that 6 days is logically possible for God, but not for us because we weren’t there when the immense amount of gravity and velocity flung everything into existence.

Darwin’s theory of Evolution:
I believe that there is not enough proof of evolution at all. I mean, if we’re talking about microevolution like adaptation over time then I 100 percent agree with that, but when we’re talking about macroevolution where another species turns into a completely different species I believe it’s 100 percent false. I believe this to be false because Darwin states that long phases of microevolution in the species of monkeys, ultimately caused our existence; but I believe this is disproven because of the event called the Cambrian Explosion that was founded 150 years ago where all the major fossil records of all the animals that inhabited this Earth was ultimately instant; there is no fossil record in the Cambrian Explosion that states that we evolved from monkeys. Although there were different types of monkeys in the fossil record, it still suggests that they were in the same class of species. This event happened a long time ago and I’m pretty sure there are no evidence that states that macroevolution is true.

A different perspective on evolution: Okay let’s just say in a hypothetical world that evolution is true. It still doesn’t disprove the very existence of who God is. In fact, I would like to say that even evolution is in favor of God rather than chance. I say this because if macroevolution is true, then during the 5 to 8 million years of evolution there had to be no genetic disasters to make intelligent beings such as humans. The chances of not making a hiccups during evolution are basically none.

If you have the time to check this vide out I’m 100 percent sure that it can help you in your journey of apologetics:


Thanks @ljhan40 for your expounding here! I recognize my question was very general so your taking advantage to explain on the topic of a 6 day creation as well as the fossil records was helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: What you said about the time dilation and how that could explain somethings in regards to creation was very interesting. Haven’t heard of that one before.

I’ve tried to see if my friend would pin point one contradiction he knows of between science and the Bible, but other than examples of things he doesn’t like in the Bible he hasn’t yet been able to clearly provide one actual contradiction although, he claims there to be many. He says the earth’s age is a big one, but hasn’t yet provided how that contradicts. I want to be able to help him think through it also as I know there’s a lot of candid objections against Christianity that some atheists haven’t thought through much themselves, just as some Christians haven’t of the Christian claims. “I (don’t) like what I’m told so I (don’t) believe it.” seems to be the mindset of many nowadays.

I will definitely check out the link you attached! :+1:t4:

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If you are interested, I would heartily recommend the book “God’s undertaker - Has science buried God” by John Lennox which gives a broad perspective of both these topics and also looks specifically at the evolution question. ‘The Devil’s delusion’ by David Berlinski is also a good resource for the evolution question.

As @ljhan40 has pointed out, there is plenty of evidence for adaptation and evolution within a species; the evidence is overwhelming. However, the whole concept of macroevolution - that one kind of animal evolved into another different kind (whether gradually or rapidly) is more of an interpretation and extrapolation from this evidence, rather than a direct inference from evidence.


Dear Charity,
I can understand your friend’s concerns and logic. My name is Binny. I was born in a Christian family, in India We belonged to a denomination of Christian which suppose to have existed since the time Apostle Thomas, visited India in AD 52. I became born again and knew Christ when I came to the USA at age of 26. Since then I have been growing my spiritual journey and learning from Christ and The Bible as apostle Paul did. You must be wondering I told my biography in short. My background is science-based. My whole life I have been interested in Biology and up to some level physics. Like me many Indian Christians, learn science and other Art subjects to their college-age, which make them interest to become either, Enginers, doctors, scientist, etc., I learned Biotechnology, Human Genetics, Genomics, proteomics, etc., I worked as a scientist, researcher and actually once I knew Christ, I choose to become a nurse and now studying nurse practitioner. I wanted to follow close to what Jesus Christ did on earth, to serve and not to be served, thought nursing was a good field for that. But, now I feel if I had a time machine and go back in time, would go back to tell myself to become a preacher or an apologist and work to expand the kingdom of God. Now coming back to your question, It’s all about Faith. To some extent, the scientific world and Biblical world view may be different, yet they are not so different. Bible is not an encyclopedia that provides all the minute details regarding the earth’s geography and formation timelines. But it does provide information regarding how everything came into existence, and who created it (John 1:1-3). Genesis tells us about a black hole (the earth was void), heaven (vast expanse of the universe), darkness was on the face of the deep (the universe was in utter darkness). Genesis 1: 6 (then the light came) could correspond to the famous, science “Big bang” theory. Then it gives various information on what formed first, next, and so on. Book of Job and some psalms provide great details regarding the earth’s formation, foundations, even constellations. Imagine when Constellation was discovered by science? The Bible had it written more than 5000 years back in the book of Job. I use to perform genetic engineering, working with DNA manipulations, and I use to pray for experiments to work out for good results. I was practically applying the prayer life in scientific life. I would praise God in front of my fellow scientific peers, and showing the love of Christ. When I learned how God created eve, I was amazed to see a scientific comparison. God performed the first deep sedation anesthesia on man and performed the first surgery as well as genetic engineering skill. I changed my field realizing that since God is the creator of all, why should I manipulate his creation. Can science explain the great flood which is even mentioned in Hinduism. Can science explain the 10 plagues of Egypt, the fall of the tower of Babylon and people babbling around, Samson’s strength, fall of the wall of Jericho, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Davids defeating Goliah, Solomon’s wisdom, The Biblical prophecies and the prophets, the Birth of Jesus exactly fulfilled as prophesied in the Bible, all the healings and miracles of Jesus, The chariot of Fire of Elijah and many more. Can science explain the conversion of Saul, a strong Jew ready to persicute Christians to become one of the greatest instruments of Christianity Apostle Paul? I would encourage your friend to reconsider what he or she believes and come back to the Faith in God. There is nothing wrong is believing in science working in the scientific field, and maintaining once faith. I was recently teaching my 3rd grader son, for his small class presentation regarding Thomas Edison. I learned that Thomas’s mother was his greatest teacher, who taught him not only the art of science and other things but most importantly, the principles of the Bible. His discovery of light bulbs, sounds, etc, all are based on the Biblical value of (let there be light), you are the light of the world. You are can this post with your friend if needed. I love science, but I can discard my Faith in God for science. Science won’t take me to heaven but will help me to live a decent life on the earth, while my Faith in one true God and Jesus Christ will prepare me for my internal home. God bless.


Thank you, @tonyabthomas for the book recommendations! I will look into those.

That’s true!

Hey @binnyksus11, Wow, such a cool history line! Thank you so much for sharing part of your testimony especially as you’ve worked in the scientific/ medical field — it is helpful!

I think what you mentioned about your science experience is very applicable to the situation with my friend, in that of science’s inability to explain certain things and I think that is something he wrestles with. I love how you brought out the beauty of how the Bible and science work together!

With your medical/ science background, how would you explain the rationale for how everyone came from Adam and Eve? That’s one argument he brought up to me that he says can’t work with science because that means we would’ve come from incest and if by incest none of us should be here in the conditions we are because of the problems that come with such relationships.

I look forward to your response! Thanks again for taking the time to consider my question!

Well, I would say that accusing Adam and Eve of incest is overlooking multiple points. Not least of which would be the fact that God Himself created Eve specifically to be Adam’s wife. So he’s actually accusing God of doing wrong for creating them and bringing them together in the first place.

Also, Eve was not Adam’s sister. They had a unique and non-repeatable relationship as the first two humans brought miraculously into this world having skipped over all the childhood years of shared brother/sister history together. They had never developed anything like a sibling relationship.

Now, I suppose one could make a genetic argument that since Eve was created from Adam’s rib, she could have been the equivalent of a female clone of Adam - a genetic twin, of sorts. But as I understand it, female DNA has inherent differences from male DNA. But still, even if their DNA was identical, your friend is passing over the point that it had no genetic weaknesses before the Fall. Even the first generations that followed them necessarily had to marry sisters and cousins.

In fact, Abraham and the patriarchs were still marrying half-sisters and cousins 2,000 years later. The prohibitions against sibling inbreeding don’t appear until hundreds of years later still - in the time of Moses around 1,500 BC. Presumably because it took that long for DNA to be degraded by sin and become an issue.

I hope this will help you in dealing with your friend.


Hi Charity, I have been reading along and it seems to me not being scientific minded myself, that a scientific answer could ever be found for why there was no problems from incest. While we do know Eve was taken from man which in todays thinking they both had the same DNA make up which further complicates things, as I see it. Based on what little I know of these things, I learned when I went through a stem cell transplant for leukemia. We can simulate some things but perfect recreation can only be done by a perfect creator. Total perfection can only be found in Creation. I hope you see what I am saying. We would have to start with a perfect model which for man is unattainable? What are your thoughts on my thinking @binnyksus11?


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Dear Charity, Mike, and others,

I concur with most of the facts mentioned above. Mike you are true, that to creat a perfect being is only possible by God. In fact, the first man Adam and the First women’s Eve, were actually perfect in the physical form. Of course, they lacked the knowledge to discern what was good or bad until, the fall, that’s why they both ate the forbidden fruit. God’s desire was for them to live, multiple, and maybe perhaps one day come to eat the fruit of life and live forever. We know from the scriptures that God asked them to not eat from the forbidden fruit only, but they both directly disobeyed God. Any disobedience has punishment big or small. Regarding Eve coming from Adam, God created Eve from Adam, there is no doubt about it, since Jesus confirm it later in the gospel, and Apostle Paul also mentions it in the epistles. It would be unwise to say that both have the same DNA, since they are not identical twins, they have their own distinct DNA. Science already provides the answer. Identical twins (monozygotic, means develops from the same egg to 2 identical looking people, basically clones, they can differ in their character based on the epigenetics (environmental influence). Identical twins can only be boy-boy or girl-girl even the other way. While non-identical twins just share the same uterine or embryonic sac, but they are formed exactly the same way egg/sperm would develop). They can be boy-boy or boy-girl or girl. An example in the Bible was Jacob/Esau. Apostle Paul mentions that Eve came from Adam and men from women (childbirth), so God who is the creator knows our genetic makeup. Now regarding all mankind descending from Adam/Eve remember, there was a flood of the Bible, and Noah and his family were the only ones who were saved. God asked them to fill the heart later. We who are in Christ are all now ingrafted to that branch which is pure, and goes back to Noah and even to Adam. Roman 5:12-14. [1 Corinthians 15:45]. [1 Timothy 2:13], "For Adam was formed first, then Eve. " I wanted to bring another point, see how the scripture says, “formed” for both, not birth, there is a huge difference. They skipped all the childhood relations, no sibling, but God formed them for each other. Again, it all is a matter of faith, which assists us to see and analyze things how they are seen by God and written by men through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (Who is the third person of the one universal being). Can science prove when all the advanced Medicine and technology in the world cannot cure simple flu, even with the vaccine available? People who have received flu shots die every year regardless of now matter how much they take care of their health. Now if your friend is an atheist, he or she does not have any moral ground or base to place his claims about either science or faith. God has set the social law, the Holy law is his highest standards by which He judges the human being. That’s why we have Jesus, whose grace provides eternal life and free us from the curse of the law. Now, if atheism is true, then, there is not the value of the set standard moral law. Any law created by any individual is their own moral law (just for example, if someone kills your friend’s child or a family member, he or she cannot do anything about it, if the other person is also atheist and say them, he or she believes that killing a child or a person is not wrong and they enjoy it, because that is what they believe, just like your friend moved away from Christianity saying that, it does not coincide with science). Please note: (I am just giving an example, killing the child or any person in a certain part of the world is punishable by death). According to the Bible, God will ask account for any person’s blood taken without any reason or purpose. Hope some of these explanations can divulge some light on the current topic. I welcome any critiques and feedbacks. Thanks, Binny

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Check out the debate between Bill Nye versus Ken Ham (evolution vs creationist views).

Ken Ham provides answers in genesis and is the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

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People claim to reject God’s existence because it is “not scientific” or “because there is no proof.” But God does exist and ultimately everyone knows that He exists.

The existence of God is to be accepted by faith. The visible universe is not sufficient to account for itself. But it is faith, not something material, that assures us that it originated with God. This world is God’s world, and faith assures us that God originated it. But this does not meant that there is no proof of His existence. In addition to the biblical accounts for God’s existence, there are other things we need to consider.

The universe is the whole of space– time containing matter, energy, and forces. It is the summation of all physical laws and constants. It contains everything from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. It also includes all biological entities as well as humankind. We live in a tiny globe surrounded by an endless universe. For thousands of years, long before human exploration of the universe become possible with telescopes, satellites and manned space crafts, we have been trying to learn, to discover and to understand the ultimate force behind everything we see. This is man’s attempt to find God whether we are aware of it or not.

The universe displays such an amazing design, there must have been a divine Designer. Nothing is random; there is an intricate and complex design in everything… from the human DNA to the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. Hence we cannot deny the existence of God who designed and placed everything in its proper place. Science strengthens our faith in God not reduce it.

“I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists – proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision.” — Thomas Alva Edison

Psalm 19:1-4 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.”

The glory and wisdom of God are evident in the vastness of the cosmos. The universe is a revelation of God’s creation of the magnificent heavenly bodies. God alone is the Creator. Being unrestricted by the division of languages, natural revelation transcends human communication without the use of speech, words, and sounds. Revelation comes with no regard for linguistic or geographical barriers.

“When a load of bricks, dumped on a corner lot, can arrange themselves into a house; when a handful of springs and screws and wheels, emptied on a desk, can gather themselves into a watch, then and not until then will it seem sensible, to some of us at least, to believe that all these thousands or millions of worlds could have been created, balanced and set to revolving in their separate orbits – all without any directing intelligence at all.” — Bruce Barton

The universe (the whole cosmic system of matter and energy of which the Earth is a part) reveals the works of God. This is natural revelation. Than we have the special revelation in the Bible, the Word of God. Jesus is part of that special, a living, walking and talking Word of God.

Science is still in its infancy. We know very little about life and death. We know little about the limitless outer space. To the discerning scientific minds there is more than what we call as “natural processes”. With our inquisitive instinct, we are beginning to learn more about the amazing creation of God. The more we learn, the more we will be convinced of the existence of the Divine Being revealed in nature, in the Bible, in Jesus Christ and in our personal relationship with Him.