Domingo Osabel


My name is Domingo Osabel, but you can call me “Doms” for short. 19yrs old and College Student. I’m from the Philippines. And I’m really a big fan of Ravi Zacharias.

Honestly, I am a Christian, but I have a lot of questions. At first, I don’t have the courage to discuss it with my Christian friends because I think it shows how doubtful I am.

Until, one leader in our church (Christ’s Commission Fellowship) encouraged me to discuss those questions I have. I asked him about the reliability of the bible, the proof of the resurrection, and how Christianity is the one true worldview. And by God’s grace, He used that church leader to help me find answers.

He also recommend Ravi Zacharias and his ministry for me to fully dig deep on my questions and to seek answers. He shares with me some greatest books of Ravi and other apologetics books. And that’s how I led to RZIM.

After that, I took myself on a journey to study apologetics and evangelism. I subscribed to RZIM because it helps to engage with questions and not be ashamed to seek for answers. Ultimately, it helps me to be more confident on Christian faith.

Today, I share my learnings with my classmates and churchmates, I took the foundation of my evangelism on apologetics. I help to engage with their questions and lead them to Jesus Christ.

And we are still on the journey and our testimonies are still on going as Jesus is still at work in us.

I join RZIM Connect to take my connection in this ministry deeper. To learn from amazing people and be updated to how God is using this ministry.

I hope to contribute if God allows me to answer some questions in this community and share this ministry to my unreached friends.

Thank you RZIM.

My ultimate hope is one day have conversation with Ravi.


Hi Doms and love to read of your passion of how you have grown in your faith by seeking answers to important questions in your Christian walk :slightly_smiling_face:. It is very common for many Christians to have doubts or questions about Christianity but being uncertain who to ask or even if they should ask at all. It is great how your pastor was able to point you in the right direction. It is also awesome to read of how God has been using you to lead more people to Christ. So encouraging.

Look forwarding to continuing to grow my faith alongside you through Connect :smiley:.


Hi @domingoosabel, welcome to connect and thank you for such an inspiring introduction :heart: I’m so thankful your church leader addressed your doubts and led you to great resources. I pray the Lord will continue to increase your knowledge and faith as your share what you have learned with others :pray:t3: Take care and enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Domingo,

Thanks mate for that introduction, it is definitely encouraging to see someone else search out the reliability of scripture and to endeavour to discover truth. If you want to learn more and more, there is a book called “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” By Josh McDowell. It is a thick book filled with loads of resources to help any truth seeking Christian out to help give an answer to those regarding our Christian faith and belief and trust in Jesus. Welcome by friend and looking forward to hearing from you more.


Welcome aboard @domingoosabel. I thank God for your willingness to join connect and inspire energy and excitement. We welcome you here with open arms. You keep asking questions and honing your ability to respond. The Lord has a plan for you. What area of apologetics do you feel the most drawn to at this point in your life? I look forward to reading your posts God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome Doms - now that you’ve joined the community of “amazing people”, I guess that makes you amazing too! What an amazing journey our God’s amazing grace has set us all on! I am so looking forward to hearing from you!


Hello Doms, what a great faith journey to and through His word, the roadmap of Christian apologetics will lead to one Truth one way, one life. Our search always develops questions that need real answers, and I believe your respect for Ravi was born from that. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share openly with us. Be encouraged and strengthened in your faith. Be safe in the hollow of His hand.