Don Shove

Greetings, from New Orleans. I’m a recent graduate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in Christian Apologetics and have listened to RZIM for over a decade. I was led to Connect while browsing the RZIM website and saw what was offered and interested in people’s questions. I hopefully want to contribute in any way.


Hello, Don, and welcome go Connect.
:slight_smile: Congratulations on graduating! What are some of the podcasts or youtube videos you have most enjoyed?


Welcome @DonShove and congratulations! It’s wonderful to have you here and I hope to see you engaging. We glean from each other’s knowledge, insight, experiences and wisdom. Please feel free to join in the conversations :pray:t2:


Hi Don! @DonShove
Welcome to Connect :blush:
So glad you’ve joined us- enjoy checking out the many topics. I’m sure your perspective will be much appreciated!


Welcome aboard @DonShove. Congrats on the great accomplishment. So glad you have joined connect. Your experiences and background can help many here. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi Don. My name is Steve and I’m a brand new member. Congratulations on your graduation and hard work. May you glorify God with your skills!
I’m not in your league but I have a question for you about the Baptist faith (vs the Catholic faith which I’ve practiced all my life). Maybe I can learn something!:grinning: