Donna Beeson

Say hello…Hello, I am retired widow of a pastor and retired school teacher.

Where are you from? My father was in the navy and so I am from everywhere. I was born in Washington D.C,

What led you to join Connect? i love learning and growing in my relationship with our Lord. I would like to learn to communicate my faith better.

How do you hope to contribute? Actually I will probably learn more from the group than I will be able to contribute. I am interrested in how others are communicating sucessfully.


Hey Donna! Anchores away… my dad was navy as well! :smile: :ship:

I’m so glad you’ve joined the connect! I joined yesterday and for very similar reasons. :slight_smile: This is a wonderful place to learn and be strengthened in your faith, but please feel welcome to share as the Lord leads! My dad is a pastor and I get to serve as Sunday school teacher so I’m sure there’s a lot I could learn from you as well! I’d love to hear any insights you might have along the way!

Anchored in Christ, Charity :smile:


Hi Donna @dsbeeson ! Just wanted to say a warm welcome to Connect. So pleased to have you with us. I also want to assure you that asking thoughtful and genuine questions for the community to prayerfully study and discuss is a real and valuable contribution. So even if you aren’t ready to chime in to respond to a conversation at this point, feel free to post a question you’d like to discuss or have help thinking about from new perspectives! Again, welcome to Connect, Donna!


Welcome @dsbeeson. So glad you are here. Look forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless you.


Welcome, Donna! You contribute simply by being present in the community. I guarantee that if you walk in the Spirit you will post questions and answers that advance the ministry’s mission. Please feel free to post concerns that you may have even if you do not feel like you are walking with the Spirit. All of us experience dark moments; you never know whether this community will provide just the succor that you need.

thank you to all of you for the warm welcome. i am enjoying reading other peoples comments and reply

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