Doris Ivan

(Doris Ivan) #1

Hello my name is Doris Ivan and I‘m from Austria (please do not confound with Australia, because Austria is in Europa, and Australia is not :stuck_out_tongue: )

A few weeks ago I finished the RZIM Academy which I have randomly found on the internet.
It was amazing and I was surprised how great the course was!
I loved all the lessons and now I‘m happy to join this platform and to be part of such a great community!

Therefore I hope, that I will be able to learn more and to contribute with hopefully helpful answers and also ask questions.

Happy to be here,
Doris :smiley:

(Kathleen) #2

Welcome to Connect, @doris.ivan! We’re glad you’ve joined us here, and it made me chuckle to think of you randomly coming across the Academy on the internet. I love the way God works! :slight_smile: Look forward to interacting with you out on the forum!

(Daniel) #3

Hallo Doris. Willkommen bei Connect und viele Grüße ins schöne Österreich :austria: I have been there several times, especially for hiking in the mountains. I am glad that you liked the course. Which one did you take? For me the Core Module was very enriching and extended my horizon. Wish you a good time here :smiley:

(Heidi Mitchell) #4

Hi Doris! @doris.ivan
Welcome to Connect :blush:
Austria is beautiful! I visited once for a week while I studied in England for a semester in college. I sure would love to see those mountains, quaint towns, and amazing culture again.
So glad you’ve found us- your contribution in the forums will surely be welcomed.
Enjoy exploring the topics and engaging with others in conversation!

(Heidi Mitchell) #5

PS- Seeing the places where The Sound of Music was filmed was a huge plus for me when I visited :wink:

(Sieglinde) #6

Hello @doris.ivan from Austria! Cameron McAllister with RZIM was born in Austria and mentioned the same thing about Australia in one of his podcast :grin: So glad you joined :slightly_smiling_face:

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #7

Welcome aboard @doris.ivan. Glad you have joined connect. Random find on the internet - grand weaver in action again. Would love to hear what you thought was great and amazing the most from the course you took. God-bless your journey.

(Doris Ivan) #8

Grand weaver- You’re so right! :joy:
If I’m honest, I was (and still am) amazed of how the Christian faith can be communicated. And also be explained on an “intellectual” level.
But most impressive to me, was the fact that when you compare religions, you can see the uniqueness of the Christian faith.
And now I really want to learn more about the Christian faith and how to “defend” it in my day to day life.

(Sry for the extreme late response)

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #9

That is so awesome. I hope to see you posting frequently. I think there’s a lot for you to offer. Rock it.

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