Douglas Howard

From Ponoka, Alberta , Canada

I want to connect with Ravi at this time and express my gratitude .

I think his sermon from the 1980’s called “Through Conflict and Crisis” most impacted my life.
You see I too have a death sentence. I have ALS. I am now quadriplegic. But his speaking on Hebrews 12 very much inspired and challenged me. It helped bring me out of depression and stopped me focusing on myself. I don’t meet many people here at home from my chair but those I meet I want them to meet “Jesus”. And I hope to be able to minister and encourage someone over the internet. Very sorry for your diagnosis Ravi . So thankful to that you made your life available to God and oh how he molded and used you . Your ministry blessed me.


Hi @howarddoug, thank you for introducing yourself, welcome to connect :slight_smile: here is a link if you want to copy and paste your message to Ravi

I hope you will stick around and engage with us here. I’m sure you would be a blessing to all of us :pray:t3:


Welcome @howarddoug. So glad you are here. What an amazing story you have, the power and love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your kind words. May God continue to bless you to be an agent to have many more souls saved. Look forward to chatting with you Douglas.

God Bless You.


Welcome on board @howarddoug. It is good to have you with us. How is Alberta this time of year? I hope that you are doing well even though we’re in the middle of this pandemic. Thank you for coming alongside us. I hope you are able to contribute and encourage members here. God-bless you and your journey

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thanks for your response . Hope Ravi is able to see my appreciation. Alberta is still quite cool these days. Have only been outside with my powerchair once since March 15. No church right now and used to go for pool therapy 3x/wk but that is out right now too. Was told by the experts that I had only 2 to 5 years to live way back in 2001. Was bitter to God about this back then but finally accepted what was happening and started exercising with what was left of my body. Little did I know but this was to preserve me for all these years . I know my story could be an encouragement to someone in this world. I just pray God can use me somehow.

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