Dr clarence w moore

Say hello…Greetings!

Where are you from? Spanaway, WA

What led you to join Connect?
I am greatly blessed by Ravi’s preaching, responses, and rationale.
How do you hope to contribute? By my support and spreading the Word.


@CharmlesWilliamMorganJr Welcome to Connect, Clarence! So glad you are here to learn and grow with us! I see you have already been active and shared a question with the community (How does Coronavirus fit with Bible prophecy?) and I hope an insightful and edifying conversation will ensue!


Hello and welcome, Dr Moore. Thank you for opening the door to grow and learn here at connect, make yourself at home and share as you can with your new family.
Do you engage with those impacted by the covid 19 virus? Could you say your faith, helps or hinders your profession? Peace and grace as you move forward.


Welcome to Connect Dr. Moore! We are very happy to have you part of this family of believers who are eager to learn together the truths of God’s word. :blush:


Welcome aboard @CharmlesWilliamMorganJr. Thank you for coming alongside us adding to the collective strength of apologists and believers here. I hope you enjoy the topics and discussions. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @CharmlesWilliamMorganJr welcome to connect. How are things where you are? Thank your for your heart in wanting to support and share the Gospel. I see you have posted and I look forward to reading some of the responses. I trust you will be a blessing as you continue to engage here.
Take care :pray: