Dr Noble


I live in Australia. An ardent online listener of RZIM podcasts. Being trying to get on with RZIM Academy core course but just can’t seem to register on line and not sure why.

Drawn to RZIM cos I have too many young people around me these days who question the existence of God. I just want to learn the best ways to evangelise to them.

I hope to share my basic understanding of the the subjects discussed in the group, more importantly I am here to learn and connect :pray:t6:


Hello Dr Noble, please make yourself at home here on connect. Are you deeply involved in the Pandemic responce in Australia? In regards to the core module a moderator can answer your question. Stay safe Doctor, and thanks for your service.


Dr Noble here is a link about the core module.
Hope it helps.

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Hello Dr. Noble and welcome to connect! I am not able to assist you in accessing the course but can testify that it is a great course that covers a lot of ground. I agree with Mike as one of the moderators would be able to help you with your problems accessing the course. I pray that you will find Connect to be a wonderful resource as well! Praying that you and your family are safe and blessed my friend!


Hello @Dr.Noble. I like the podcasts too :slightly_smiling_face: Have you already completed the Core Module or would you like to register for it? Here is the registration link:

Wish you God’s blessing in your conversation with the young people.


Hi @Dr.Noble, I’m happy to help you get signed up for the Academy. I just sent you an email with a few questions. Thanks!


Hello Dr. Noble and it is great to have you join Connect. It is also wonderful that you are in a position where you can minister to young people who have questions about God :smiley:. I look forward to being able to learn from you and interact with you through this site.

God bless